1 Shankar St Co-Working Office Space, Hərzilya

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Shared Workspace in Herzliya

This shared workspace is located in Herzliya, Israel. It is home to a variety of high-tech businesses and is located near the beach and a marina.


Herzliya, Israel


  • Located in a robust, affluent community with a vibrant entrepreneurial culture
  • Home to a variety of high-tech businesses
  • Comfortable rear terrace
  • Beach and marina nearby
  • Young, energetic crowd


  • A vibrant and supportive environment for businesses to thrive
  • Convenient access to public transportation
  • A variety of amenities to support businesses
  • A motivating and inspiring work environment


  • Cleaning services
  • Parking
  • Dog friendly
  • Outdoor space
  • Bicycle storage
  • Wellness room
  • Event space
  • Tech Services


1 Shankar St Herzliya 4672501


  • Herzliya Train Station
  • On-site parking (550 NIS/month)
  • 20 (Ayalon), 4 and 2 (Ha’Hof)
  • Ha’Sira Interchange
  • Storage available

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