4 Reasons Why You Should Perform a Website Performance Audit

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Very much like us, websites also need proper maintenance else they might collapse over time and not function properly. It is not compulsory that you have to wait for a yearly figurative report like many Web Development companies to speak that your website needs maintenance.

Detecting and correcting problems with your website as soon as possible saves huge expenses on maintenance down the line and promises ideal performance.

You need to know these four reasons to understand how important it is to execute a Performance Audit for your website irrespective of the time. We encourage a Website Performance Audit since it promises to keep your website up-to-date and bug-free without waiting for a yearly inspection to sort out problems.

Why do you need a Website Performance Audit?

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The way you look at your website and how your audience sees it differs a lot because of the frequent visits you pay to the website or how you already know the website’s design, it’s easy to navigate for you and overlook many problems a new user might face. As for your audience, it might be hard to navigate and switch between pages.

Many Web development companies focus on the yearly work progress and thus neglect a lot of factors that need consideration. 

Some of the common features that are hard to navigate in a website include overlinking of pages of tabs, overload of information, search bar not existing, piled up tabs in the navigation bar instead of lists, no contact information, and of all no clear way to return to home page.

This is where you need to include user testing as a part of your Website Performance Audit, it ensures a user-friendly experience for your website since users can provide feedback about their experience on your website by recording the particular tasks they were assigned.

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Website Optimization is something to be kept in focus and the baseline factors list. If your website is not updated and kept bug free, it can cause several issues in how your website behaves to user’s input.

Following are some of the important factors that every web development company includes in its checks for building a performance Audit:

How to Conduct a Website Audit – Market Vantage
  • Content Optimization: Useless content seizes your user’s interest and that is why it needs to be updated, redirected, or removed in case it is not needed anymore.
  • Improper tagged Images: Search engines recognize the Images on your website by their tags. Improper tags might lead your website to lose an important information asset.
  • HTTP / HTTPS: You need to be careful while putting in the HTTPS since they identify any mixed content problems on your website.
  • Meta-data issues: Meta-data is like a pillar when it comes to putting your data in form since it defines the nature of the data used confirming that all pages hold unique and appropriate data types to capture input.
  • Headers: You need to focus on this small aspect since it holds a lot of importance. H1’s, 2’s, and 3’s are used to identify the headings and subheadings properly throughout the website to ensure your audience’s understanding.
  • Mobile responsiveness:  Mobile traffic now transcends desktop traffic that being a reason why your website needs to be scalable and mobile responsive.
  • URL structures: your pages should have proper URL structures to ensure the correct links are being followed.
  • Broken links: 404 is a basic artifact you need to consider while checking your website’s performance therefore both exterior and interior 404s are required to be rectified.
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This is scientifically proven that a wait time of more than 3 seconds is not human-friendly. If your website takes longer than that to load your audience will lose interest and that is why many web development companies focus on the responsiveness of their websites, for which they hire professionals so that their traffic remains thick.

Google itself researched and highlighted the fact that if a page load time extends from 1 second to a span of 3 seconds, the bounce rate escalates up to 32 percent. And if it goes above that to 6 seconds, the bounce rate shoots up to 106 percent.

We keep this factor in the baseline of our strategy since it affects the traffic the most.Compete to win

If you want to win you have to know about what your competitors hold. You need to know what online strategies they use to carry out their performance checks are chief to keeping on top of the web development world, and a good site audit should contain some competitor analysis. You need to have a competitor analysis to devise a good audit.

Evaluating your competitors and knowing their tactics gives you the information you need for an idea of where you are standing in contrast to them. This allows you to modify and advance your online strategy to help you spark your success to heights.

How often would you need to get a Performance Audit for your website?

This depends on how large of a platform and traffic you are targeting. An annual or bi-annual or even after every three months, performance audits help to keep your website up-to-date and bug-free. 

Large web development companies keep component-wise performance audits before heading for integration to avoid the headache of dealing with huge bugs together.

We believe in giving you the best and that is why we offer multiple plans to keep your website’s performance up to mark. Visit our website to avail yourself of our SEO audit services today!

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