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Simplifying cloud for businesses, Ace Cloud shines in speed, security, and reliability. But is it the perfect fit? Buckle up for a closer look.


  • Cloud Solutions: Public cloud, VDI, Managed Security, QuickBooks & App Hosting
  • Turbocharged Performance: SSD storage, proprietary caching, 20x faster server options
  • Unwavering Security: Free SSL, malware scanning, firewalls, 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Dedicated Support: 24/7 phone, live chat, and email, consistently praised by users
  • Developer Friendly: PHP, MySQL, Git, staging environment, WordPress optimization


  • Speed Demon: Blazing-fast servers for smooth performance and happy customers
  • Security Stronghold: Robust security features keep your data safe and sound
  • Support Superstars: Knowledgeable and responsive customer service team
  • Scalability Champion: Easily adjust your resources as your needs grow
  • Business-Centric: Tailored solutions for various business needs


  • Pricey Premium: Can be pricier than some competitors, especially on renewal
  • Limited Freebies: No free domain names on all plans
  • Focus on Business: May not be ideal for personal websites or small projects

Share Price: As a private company, Ace Cloud doesn’t have publicly traded shares.

Support: Top-notch support is a consistent highlight in user reviews, with 24/7 access via phone, live chat, and email.

Conclusion: Ace Cloud excels at providing secure, high-performance cloud solutions for businesses. While the price tag might be steeper compared to some, the exceptional speed, security, and stellar support make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a reliable and hassle-free cloud experience.

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