Bangkok, Thailand

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Sure, here is an overview of Bangkok, Thailand:


Bangkok, officially known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon and colloquially as Krung Thep, is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. The city occupies 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in the Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand and has an estimated population of 10.539 million as of 2020, 15.3 per cent of the country’s population. Over 14 million people (22.2 per cent) lived within the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region at the 2010 census, making Bangkok an extreme primate city, dwarfing Thailand’s other urban centres in both size and importance to the national economy.

Place located

  • Bangkok is located in central Thailand, on the Chao Phraya River delta, about 30 kilometers (19 mi) from the Gulf of Thailand.


  • Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

Nearby Cities

  • Ayutthaya: The former capital of Thailand, located about 75 kilometers (47 mi) north of Bangkok.
  • Nonthaburi: A city located just north of Bangkok, known for its floating markets.
  • Samut Prakan: A province located south of Bangkok, known for its temples and seafood restaurants.

Tourist Places

  • Grand Palace: A complex of buildings that served as the royal residence from the 18th century until 1925.
  • Wat Pho: A temple complex that houses the Reclining Buddha, a massive statue that is 49 meters (161 ft) long.
  • Wat Arun: A temple complex known for its distinctive prang, a steep central spire.
  • Khao San Road: A backpacker’s paradise, with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: The largest weekend market in the world, with over 8,000 stalls selling everything from clothing and souvenirs to food and flowers.


  • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK): The main international airport in Bangkok, located about 25 kilometers (16 mi) east of the city center.
  • Don Mueang International Airport (DMK): A smaller international airport, located about 25 kilometers (16 mi) north of the city center.

Railway Stations

  • Hua Lamphong Railway Station: The main railway station in Bangkok, serving as a hub for regional and national rail services.

Pin Code

  • The pin code for Bangkok is 10000.


  • Bangkok has a tropical savanna climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. The average temperature in January is 26°C (79°F), and the average temperature in July is 32°C (90°F). The city receives an average of 1,494 millimeters (58.8 inches) of rain per year.

Transport Facility

  • Bangkok has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trains, and taxis. The city is also well-served by ride-hailing apps like Grab and Bolt.

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