Best Free alternatives to EdX learning platform Online e-learning Courses with Certificates for Students

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This was happened by not so many years ago when smartphones are changed to students’ virtual classrooms.

online educational apps made everything simple and enjoyable for students who are very well focused and interested to learn.

now, I will show you some of those best free education apps.

And also I think that Apps for great alternatives of edx.

Future learn:

It is an educational app.we can learn  100 percentage online with world-class Universities and industry experts. we can promote your career, learn a new skill. you can learn with experts from world – leading Universities and organisations.

Pros and Cons

Future learn:was based in UK. It offers MOOCs or massiveĀ  open online courses from Top Universities and Institutions Around the World.

future learn is the fifth most popular mooc provider in the world based on the number of students.

Best Online Platform for Programmning

TheseĀ  includes top UK universities as their partner. currently it was more than 160 partners.


Future learn offers free courses with certificate. These courses  and degrees are from too universities. The future learn subjects are business & management ,creative arts & media, healthcare &medicine, history, IT & CS, literature, law, languages. These are the famous subjects from future learn.


Skills hate is an American online learning platform. The courses which are not accredited are available through subscription.

Pros and Cons

It launched 15 self paced,online courses in August 2012, with students collapsing to complete a project. After that the company announced a new open platform,where anyone could be a course instructor, and a anyone can watch limited content of Videos in each month as a free
Membership. The majority of courses focus on interaction rather than lecturing.


Skillshare courses for design, Lifestyle, business, fashion, music, technology and writing et cetera.

Solo learn:

Solo learn is a series of free apos that allows variety of programming languages and concepts. In solo learn does not require users to have any prior coding or programming experience.

Pros and Cons

Have an understanding for how our favourite apps are created receive free training for in demand jobs skill how programming and coding concept study used in everyday life it explaining why of each concept is too easy to understand. And everyone can learn how to write their own code.

Courses :

It offers programming languages such as:

  1.Web development (HTML,JS,CSS3,  JEUERY)
  8.Algorithms and data structure
  9.machine learning, swift, GIT, ruby,etc.

Pluralsight :

     Pluralsight is an American online education. In 2016, pluralsight announced it had acquired train simple, a video training company with a focus on Adobe software pluralsight have many well known company partnerships.

Pros and Cons

Courses quality is very high in pluralsight. It us best for self paced learning. To expand a skill set pluralsight is a great option. It helps you to prepare for industry certifications.

Best Online E Learning Websites Portals in India


They have thousands of expert – led courses such as:
Software development in JS, Python,android etc.IT ops in Linux, Oracle, ITA,etc. creati ve professional, data professional including S QL, table and also so.e interactive  courses also available as are video courses that are available as projects also.

Linkedin learning:

LinkedIn learning is a american website. It is a subsidiary of linkedin. LinkedIn onLune courses began in 2002. It helps to develop business, technology – related, you can get started with free month.

Pros and Cons

Large amount of content from soft to hard, connection between the LinkedIn and LinkedIn learning as many professional users are already familiar with the LinkedIn, these interface stays similar so that is discriminated between these two is hugely seemless. And also the biggest challenges that we have the is that courses don’t get adhere to the some training standards so they are not eligible for continuing professional education credits which are must  to maintain CPA licence there are a lot of topics and an unlimited number of videos.


There are some popular linkedin courses are: project management foundation, programming foundation, JavaScript essential training HTML essential training, python essential training, project  management professional(pmp),etc.


Swayam MOOCs platform is world’s largest online free E- learning platform portal designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of education policy with Access, equity and quality. Swayam means self. It is hindi acronym stands for “study webs of active learning for young Aspiring Minds” it was launched by the central Ministry of Human Resource Development under digital India. It was launched by the honable president of India.

Pros and Cons

This platform offers free access to everyone and hosts courses from class 9th till P.G. It operates kooda learNing resources in different ways and structure . Nine national co – ordinators are appointed to manage the course content.


Courses  offered for school students and also for under graduate students. Accountancy, biology,business studies,etc also available for school  students in NCERT syllabus. For under graduate studeNrs arts and recreation, humanities, mathematics,science,engineering, etc are also available in U.G courses from top universities. These all courses offered by samayam are recognized  by the government of india.

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