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     Learning class teaching conducted in online. Learners [or] students can learn any type of course. Some online classes set times to participate through video conferencing

So there is not problem about learner where they are located that means learners and teachers does not problem about physically located in the same place at a time.

This class students download materials, upload assignments and communicate with lectures and instructors interact through the internet.

Any courses between learners and instructors interact via e- mail, chat rooms and threaded discussions. Online class apps are available that are: grade up, toppr, unacademy, add 247,vedantu.

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Top best android educational apps are : meritnation, byjus, unfold, TED, my cbse guide, vedantu, topr, unacademy, udemy, khan academy and so on. Let us see about best 5 apps in india.

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          Meritnation is a no.1 educational site and it give live classes with best teachers in india. This app started live classes for school students in 2014. The video, quizzes and more give real classroom effect to students.

Clearing of doubts using chat with teachers. It  is educational based website which  offer services to students and academic entities all over the land. It was founded in 2005.

What is special about meritnation?:

Some of the meritnation  students and engineer at meritnation are said,a lot of thing actually made a meritnation special. First of all, you get the comfort of studying everything at home. It is much more comfortable.

And for study material are prepared by a team of people, for any subjects. It give many practice questions and types of test like NCERT questions. And then another  one more special in this is ask & answer ,much more useful for students studying in school. It’s benefit is question asked in this are answered correctly by experts or any other best teacher .

meritnation live class faculty comprises IIT graduates, which mean they have the ability to treat the question and they are have a year of experience. Students can got the experience and great knowledge of expertie best teacher. Online live classes, best teacher, unlimited practice question, ask & answer are made helpful to students to study, learn and score.

Courses offered in meritnation:

Meritnation offered education for school students in 1st std and upto 12th standard and also offeres competitive exams.basically it provides coaching for 6-12 class for CBSE, ICSE BOARD as well as IIT – JEE and  NEET exam in india and gulf countries.

Is meritnation free of cost:

   Meritnation is not at all free. You are suppose to create an account and then fulfil their further requirements along with the payment of fees. Meritnation give free trial for online classes.

byjus -


   Byjus was the first investment in asia  by chan zuckerberg. This app serves educational content to students from 4 to 12 and it also helps the students preparing for many competitive exams like NEET, IIT, JEE,CAT, IAS as well. It has 15 million usersand about nine lakh paid subscribers on an annual basis. Since its launch, the app was downloaded by 2 million students. This app also became a business case at Harvard business school. In 2016, December the app was among ‘best self improvement’ apps at google play india rating.

This app was developed by think & learn, established by byjus raveendran in 2011. In 2011, he founded an educational company with the help of his students offering online video based learning programs for the 1- 12 segments as well as competitive exams.

Courses and specialties :

       There are two subjects maths and science are taught to 4th to 10th students. Byjus runs on a freemium model. Free access to content is limited to 15 days after the registration. It trains school students in 1 to 12th. This  also trains learns for competitive exams in india such as IIT- JEE, NEET, CAT,IAS  as well as for international  examination such as GRE and GMAT. The main focusing subjects in byju’s is maths and science.

This topics are explained to students in 12 – 20 minute digital animate videos. The company announced that it will launch its app in various indian languages  in 2019, and also plans to launch an international version of app for English speaking students in various  countries. byjus provide  PCM/PCMB for 11th – 12th students and launched the commerce recently. It was also won many awards from 2012 – 2018.

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The special and benefit thing in byjus online classes is the opportunity one gets  to learn at anytime anywhere  broadens  education to greater can review  assignments and take practice quizzes also.discusss questions and practice books and chat with fellow students or teachers can make concept fully cleared.

It also provide free demo of online learning software at your home before you decide to purchase provide CBSE, ICSE, NCERTand  STATE BOARD. It is #1. Online best learning program for school students.

Is byjus free of cost?:

       Byjus is a one of the popular app. The outbreak of covid 19 has not just impacted various  industries but also school students. Given the government lead advisory for schools to remain shut  to protect students from corona virus, it offering free access to its complete app to school students till the end of april. Students can download byjus the learning  app and Disney  byjus  educational content.

Vedantu - Wikipedia


     Vedantu is indian interactive online tutoring platform where  teachers provide school tuitions to students over the internet, using a real time virtual learning  environment name wave  a technology  built in house. Vedantu bears a testimony to our purpose.

Veda means ‘ knowledge’ and tantu means ‘network’. A knowledge network  where any student can tap into a teacher directly and learning can happen in a personalized way, anytime anywhere vedantu is founded by IITians friends who have been teacher themselves with over tonight over 10,000 students. It founded in 2011.

It brings india’s biggest scholarship admission test. It launched in October 2014 for public.

Courses offered in vedantu:

      Vedantu caters to all grades 6th to 12th, ICSE and CBSE boards. Vedantu provide classes with highly experienced teachers for 11 and 12 also they teach from JEE point of view.

It also offeres micro courses. According to quora, the former  academic  counsellor at vedantu ha said about that, we were taught by the best of the IITians and syllabus and courses are well planned and it is very cheap.

It is good  for neet designed for students for 2 year course. It wasopen to all[IGCSE/IB/CBSE/ICSE/COMMON CORE CURICULLUM].

       Here best teacher sharing their experience. According to quora,one  academic expert  at vedantu he said this is a moral boost for students. He also a teacher at vedantu. For every students doubts teachers earn upto 50 to 60 rupees.

Toppr Recruitment for Freshers As Customer Executive


       Toppr is the best edu tech ap for the classes 5th to 12th. Provide the comprehensive study material of CBSE, ICSE, STATE BOARDS and other  competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

Courses and specialties about toppr:

                      Many video lectures which explain the concept very interestingly and excitly. It gives up class 5th to 12th. It gives carrer guidance,it courses training ETC and also offeres college exam. In the day and age smartphones, toppr brings all the information to your fingertips, literally.

More than 70%user of toppr as already taking advantage toppr mobile app. More than 19 lakh happy users, over 10 crore question attempted, over 85 lakh test taken nearly 10 lakh doubts answered, toppr surely bet when it comes to exam preparation. It is best app to crack JEE for thousands of students. It is india’s #1 JEE main/ advanced & NEET learning platform  came to the rescue joining toppr is obsolutely free.

You can learn with every topic in your syllabus with online. According  to quora,one of the former student  his name kevin jones he said about this as follows: by this time, he was sure you understand the difference between the two. For him the best way to use both the apps like byjus and toppr. You learn from byjus and practice your skills in toppr with their test.

Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 22 (Unacademy) – The ...


                Unacademy is an e-learning platform that aims to built an online knowledge repository for multilingual education.

It has 13 million learners on its platform , over 50,000 subscribers for its unacademy plus subscription. 400 teachers across 20 exam categories. It includes competitive exams such as UPSC, IIT- JEE,CAT. India’s largest free learning platform. More than 100 educators have created courses  on It is  based on bangaluru.

Courses and specialities in unacademy:

           It is #1. India’s largest and free online platform to learn. From a youtube it reached a maximum number of students for their education need. The courses like UPSC, CAT, GATE, BANKING PREPARATION, NDA, CDS, IIT-JEE,NEET, ETC.are covered in free platform.

It also provides plus programms . there are types of extra add on benefits on plus program of unacademy which will a advantage to your preparation level.   You can learn from pre recorded free video lessons available on the platform. Then, you need more hand holding and live classes, unacademy plus is for you.

In this platform, you will get multiple author with unlimited materials. According to quora, review of unacademy plus subscription, difference between the unacademy and unacademy plus subscription are reported by many unacademy experts, students and teachers.

Online IT & Software Courses | Udemy


            Udemy is an American online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students. It was developed in 2010,. In present days, it has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructers are there in 65 languages. It is one of the world’s  largest and cost effective online  learning  platform.

It is a part of growing MOOC movement outside the traditional university system. There  is 245 million courses enrolment . a MOOC means massive open online courses  is free web based distance learning programme.

Courses offered in udemy:

                The top best udemy  courses are as follows: courses for python, corses for web development, business course, course for digital marketing, course for machine learning  in data science and python, SQL, course, java,etc.

The course are suitable for beginners intermediate learners as well as experts. If you want to buy free courses on udemy. And it  also offers payment per course on online.


               Byjus is the best for learning toppr is best for scoring. Byjus has a very interesting way of explaining concepts. Byju’s, vedantu, toppr, unacademy, meritnation are belongs to india app except udemy. Because , it is American online app.

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