How to Create Adsense Account for New WordPress blog

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is most popular monetization website that makes many blogger to earn more money from website. It is now most popular advertising programs and many bloggers are having dream about to get approval.

It is a good chance who having good amount of traffics for their website can generate money.

Getting approval from Google AdSense is one of the great achievements of every blogger.

How to Register Domain and Setup a Blog in WordPress at BigRock

Earning in Website from Google AdSense is easy but so much, you have to comply Google’s rules.

If your website is following the above rules and regulation of the Google described, you can apply. You are complying with rules; there is no doubt you are not going to get approval soon.

How to create an account in Google AdSense for Blog?

Once you landed in Google AdSense official Website, you can click the signup for create your new AdSense account.

During the Signup Process of AdSense Account, you have to enter the two things mandatory

One is your website and another is your email address after that save the profile and continues your creating process.

While signup it asks you get some customized recommendation from Google in email if you wish to receive.

Final Stage of Creating AdSense

In here you are asked paste a small JavaScript into your website’s every page head Section between These Two <head> </head> Tags,

If you are apply for WordPress blog, you can paste into your Header.php file.

Once you pasted properly it will check whether you pasted in correct place or not.

Before you click the done, you just check once again.

After completion of the signup. You get email from the Google as you are under review and you get approval may take two or less than a day. If it ready ads start to showing on your website.

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