6 Different Types of Freelance Writing Jobs, you make Money Out of it

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Content writing is not a normal form of writing. content writing is complicated one.

If we love it, it is the most interesting one.

There are many writers to write content.

Every writers are expert and some fields or one area.

Based on this there are types of content writers.

Here is an article about types of Writers. I will show some of the writers.

  1. Ghost Rider
  2. Technical writer
  3. Feature writer
  4. Copywriter
  5. Scriptwriter
  6. Business writer

Ghost Rider:

    Ghostwriting was not about writing any dead body or talking with a ghost. of course, It means a form of writing, where you will hire someone for the purpose of writing an ebook.

This writer are bestly fit for articles, white papers,  website copy,etc.

This writer churnes out articles for various team members and though leadership pieces for your SEO .

Technical writer:

      Technical writing was a complicated one. In general, they present content based on technology.

Not only subjects like chemistry, physics but also into space, Aeronautics, and also artificial intelligence.

Certainly technical writer need more technical skill to write a content.

Because we have to write a complicated thing to simpler way of understanding format for all of us, mostly who read the content.

Feature writer:

     feature writer is somewhat he/she is writing related to  news articles but there is a difference between news articles and featured article.

featured article contains some humanity in that article.

After that the writer will add some emotion to the content.

This makes their emotional bridge between the author and the reader.


      it is curious and analytical, so expect to provide details and data to help them craft messaging strategically. 

knocks out in traditional print, media, infographics, etc .


     The scriptwriter is a key player in multimedia projects.  For instance, They gave storytelling expert understand aligned with the messaging strategy.

script writer is a creative  resource for videos scripts, podcast scripts, et cetera.

Business writer:

    Business writing is mostly used in the corporate field. It is also a form of writing for professionals.

This type of writing is too easy to read and write because it did not need to show your English writing skill.

Writing tips for writers

      One of the biggest problems for content writers face, that was always they need to produce high-quality content.

here, I will give what maximum professional writers do in their work. If  ideas are not pop into minds,they will stay in research more at all time.

most of all, they do  on going basis for writing a content. If you have an idea, you will  looking for Major point about the topic and links. Not only browse the web, but also researche the web.

After researching, when you write  to sit,put  the words in your voice and the your own style.

Read content whenever you go online, watch how they had written  that. follow the professional writers you like.

produce content as their way as you like. This makes you develop your writing skill. watch how they write it.

Keen watch through it and read it. And your goal is to give information to someone who read your post so write your post with love and interesting this makes how you watch the world as yours style.

Your voice, your own style and uniqueness made the bridge between you and your reader.

reader can hear your voice when the read your content. Some readers does feel difficulty to read long sentence.

when the feel like that, they will skip and move on.so, produce  short sentence length and most of all sentence will long or short that does not matter.

your goal is to give audience one thing only one thing in your post. Importantly, title choosing was essential one.

Because attractive  title makes readers go  through your website.

There is no problem how much time it take to choose a perfect title for your post. If any beginner content writer read this, I hope this helps you.

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