How Domain Name System (DNS) Server Network Works | What is DNS Server

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Domain Name

Every website has an String of numbers known as IP addresses associated with it and remembering these addresses is very difficult so the names given to these addresses are known as domain names.

For example, it is easy to remember than

Domain Name System

Computers understand their language and humans understand english. So if we are searching for a website name it will be stored as an IP address in the Servers so here we need a translator.

The Translator helps us to match the Names ( Domain name like to Numbers (i.e IP addresses ).

DNS translates the DOmain name into web browsers language i.e IP address and now it contacts the corresponding server and loads the website that people ask.

DNS acts as a Phonebook of Internet

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol is a protocol that is at the Internet layer to deliver the packets of data over the Internet.

Top-Level Domain

TLDs are the names at the end of the Web Addresses like .com, .in, .org. As the Internet has evolved we can have TLDs according to our needs like for Technology (.tech) ,Design( .design) ,Artificial Intelligence (.ai) and for personal websites (.me).

Fully qualified domain names are domain names that includes the name of the host and all DNS domains back to the root.

It is also known as the complete or absolute domain name


Subdomain is a subset of a domain name which is mainly organize the website.

These are names before second level domain like www in
For example different businesses use subdomains for different purposes.

Mobile Landing page =>
Different Countries=> for australia

Internationalized Domain names are the domain names that are in particular languages like arabic,chinese,Greek etc and contain Local scripts and Latin letters.

Verisign is a popular domain name registry service that manages the most of the .net and .com domains.Its a company based out of the USA.

Domain name registrars are organizations that update the owner details of the domain names in the registry and also have a record of hosting services used for hosting the domain name.
Example : GoDaddy,Namecheap,Bigrock , Bluehost

Registry is an Organization that maintains a record of specific Top level domain like .com,.in etc.
Example Verisign

Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service is a type of Internet service provided by companies that help you to store your files on their server (Cloud) and make your website accessible to everyone on the Web.

These companies basically rent their cloud storage for your website and have different pricing plans based on the requirement of space capacity you need.


it is an internet service that is used to get contact domain information about a particular domain name like whether the domain is available or not.


Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers.

It is a nonprofit private organization headquartered in California which handles the database of IP addresses and the corresponding domain names.

Premium Domain names

Domains are highly costly compared to normal other domain names as they have the potential to drive high traffic as they are Memorable or easy to remember names with popular extensions like .com.

Domain life cycle

it starts with the available state where the domain is available and then once we can register a particular domain for 1-10 years after that it expires so we have renewed it then we have a Grace period that is around 30-45 days then the last chance is Redemption period for 30 days then it’s in the Pending state if we want we can delete it and then it goes back to the available state.

SSL(Secure Socket Layers):

Secured HTTP uses an SSL protocol to protect the data.SSL is a protocol used to ensure secured data transmission over the Internet using public-key encryption.

Privacy Policy
These are the set of policies that tell how your data is stored, managed, and shared with which sources. It basically tells about how a company handles your personal information.

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