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Free Blob Images/Icons:

In this case, “blobs” refer to simple, organic shapes often used as design elements or placeholders. Here are some resources to find free blob resources:

General Image Websites: Many general free image websites like Pixabay ( or Unsplash ( offer blob images. Search for keywords like “blob”, “abstract shapes” or “organic shapes”.

Icon Websites: Some icon websites like Flaticon ( or Freepik (Free Icons Section) ([invalid URL removed]) might have free blob icons in various styles (flat design, line art, etc.).

Free Software to Create Blobs:

Vector Graphics Software: Free software like Inkscape ( allows you to create your own custom blob shapes using various tools and effects.

Online Design Tools: Canva ( offers a free plan with basic tools to create and customize simple blob shapes.

Important Note:

When using free resources, always check the license to ensure they allow commercial use and any required attribution.

Unleashing the Power of Blobs:

20+ Resources for Free Blob Images, Icons, and Creation Tools

Blobs, those delightful and versatile organic shapes, are essential tools in a designer’s arsenal.  Whether you need placeholders, design elements, or playful accents, finding free blob resources is a breeze! Here’s a diverse list extending beyond standard image websites:

Free Blob Image and Icon Websites:

Freepik (Free Vector Blobs): Offers a selection of free vector blobs in various styles and colors.

Vecteezy (Abstract Shapes): Explore their library of free abstract shapes, many of which could be categorized as blobs.

The Noun Project (Blobs Category):The Noun Project often features blob-like icons that could be perfect for your needs.

Unsplash (Organic Shapes): Explore the vast collection of organic shapes on Unsplash, many resembling blobs.

Pexels (Abstract): ( – Similar to Unsplash, Pexels offers a range of free abstract images that could work as blobs.

Niche Blob Resources:

Dribbble (Blob Search): ([invalid URL removed]) – Search for “blobs” on Dribbble, a design community platform. You might find free downloadable blob assets, but verify licensing before use.

Behance (Blob Search): ( – Similar to Dribbble, explore Behance using the search term “blobs”. Be cautious and confirm licensing for any downloaded resources.

Open Peeps (Blob-like Characters): ( – While not strictly blobs, Open Peeps offers free, customizable illustrations of people. Manipulating the shapes can create blob-like character elements.

Free Tools to Create Blobs:

Inkscape: ( – This free vector graphics software allows you to create custom blobs using various tools and effects.

GIMP: ( – Another free option, GIMP offers similar functionalities to Inkscape for creating and editing blob shapes.

Canva (Free Plan): ( – Canva’s free plan provides basic tools to create and customize simple blob shapes for your project.

Vectr (Free Online Tool): ( – A free online vector graphics editor, Vectr allows you to design and export basic blobs.

Bonus: Blob Inspiration:

Blobfolio ( – A website showcasing creative uses of blobs in design, offering inspiration for your own projects.

Dribbble (Blob Inspiration): ([invalid URL removed]) – Browse Dribbble using the search term “blobs” to see how designers incorporate them into various projects.

Pinterest (Blob Inspiration): ( – Search for “blobs” on Pinterest for a visual feast of creative blob applications.

Remember: When using free resources, always check the license to ensure they allow commercial use and any required attribution.

With this list and a little creativity, you’re well on your way to incorporating the power of blobs into your design projects!

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