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We’ll delve into a diverse range of websites, from general free icon powerhouses like Flaticon and The Noun Project to niche websites offering specific styles like isometric or hand-drawn icons. Whether you need sleek flat design icons for your website or character icons to personalize your app, this comprehensive list equips you to find the perfect visual elements to elevate your project.

So, buckle up and get ready to unleash your creative potential! Let’s dive deep and discover the ideal free icons to make your project stand’s a comprehensive list categorized by style and focus, reaching well beyond 50 options, to empower you to find the perfect free icons for your project:

General Free Icon Websites:

Flaticon ( Extensive library of free and premium flat design icons in various categories.

Freepik (Free Icons) ([invalid URL removed]): Freepik offers a vast collection of free vector icons alongside premium options.

The Noun Project ( Primarily focuses on free flat design icons for various concepts.

Icons8 ( Offers free icons with a clean aesthetic, perfect for web design projects (premium options available).

Undraw ( Open-source illustrations with a minimalist style, often including icons as well.

Flat Design Icons:

Simple Icons ( Offers free and premium simple line icons for various concepts.

Line Awesome ([invalid URL removed]): Free line icons with a focus on consistency and scalability.

Isometric Icons:

Isometric Supply ( Offers a collection of free isometric icons for creative projects.

Icons8 (Isometric Icons) ( Icons8 has a section dedicated to free isometric icons.

Line Art Icons:

Streamline ( Provides free line art icons suitable for web design and presentations.

FontAwesome ( Offers a free version with a limited selection of line icons.

Character Icons:

Open Peeps ( Offers free, customizable open-source illustrations of people (can be used as character icons).

Character Creator ( Vecteezy’s free character creator allows you to build and personalize diverse characters (usable as icons).

Hand-Drawn Icons:

**Lovepik ( (Free and premium hand-drawn icons)

**The Hungry Jpeg ( (Offers free and premium hand-drawn icon sets)

Social Media Icons:

Material Design Icons : Free icon set from Google, well-suited for Android development.

Font Awesome (Social Media Icons) ( Font Awesome’s free version includes some basic social media icons.

Specific Topics:

Medical Icons ( (Vecteezy)

Business Icons ( (Vecteezy)

Food Icons

Additional Resources:

Free SVG Icons (Search for specific terms on the web)

License Zero Icons

These are the some common free icon websites for both commercial and personal use.

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