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While creating a definitive list of 50 websites offering free illustrations is challenging due to ongoing changes and new resources emerging, here’s a comprehensive list categorized by focus and style to help you find the perfect free illustrations for your project:

General Illustration Websites:

  1. Unsplash ( Offers stunning free high-resolution photos that can be used as creative backgrounds or visual foundations (not strictly illustrations).
  2. Freepik ( Massive library of free vectors and illustrations, with a mix of styles and themes. Offers premium options for even more extensive resources.
  3. Pixabay ( Wide variety of free images, including illustrations, photos, and vectors. All Pixabay images are free for commercial and non-commercial use.
  4. Pexels ( Offers free high-resolution photos and videos, with a growing illustration section.
  5. Gratisography ( Quirky and unique free high-resolution photos with some illustrative elements.

Illustration Websites Focused on Web Design:

Websites for Flat Design Illustrations:

  1. Flaticon ( Offers both free and premium icons and illustrations in a flat design style.
  2. Freepik (Flat Icons) ( Freepik also has a dedicated section for free flat vector icons. 13. The Noun Project (Flat Icons) ( Primarily focuses on free flat design icons for various concepts.

Websites for Isometric Illustrations:

  1. Isometric Supply ( Offers a collection of free isometric illustrations for creative projects.
  2. Icons8 (Isometric Icons) ( Icons8 has a section dedicated to free isometric icons.

Websites for Hand-Drawn Illustrations:

  1. Open Doodles ( Provides free, customizable doodle illustrations perfect for adding a playful touch to your project.
  2. Lovepik ( Offers free hand-drawn illustrations alongside premium options.
  3. ********Huuaaans ( Diverse collection of free hand-drawn illustrations featuring human characters.
  4. ********************Unblast ( Offers a mix of free and premium hand-drawn illustrations in a variety of styles.

Websites for Vintage Illustrations:

Character Illustration Websites:

Illustration Websites Focused on Specific Topics:

Additional Resources:

  • Free SVG Illustrations
  • General Illustration Websites:
  • Vecteezy ( Mix of free and premium vector graphics, including illustrations. Offers a wide variety of styles and themes.
  • Burst by Shopify ( Free high-resolution photos specifically designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, with some illustrative elements.
  • Pexels Videos ( While primarily a video resource, Pexels offers a growing collection of free illustration clips.
  • Minimalist Illustrations:
  • Simple Icons ( Offers free and premium simple line icons for various concepts.
  • Line Awesome ([invalid URL removed]): Free line icons with a focus on consistency and scalability.
  • Abstract Illustrations:
  • Shapes4Free ([invalid URL removed]): Provides free abstract vector shapes and backgrounds.
  • Abstracta ([invalid URL removed]): Offers free and premium abstract patterns and illustrations.
  • 3D Illustrations:
  • 3D Icons ([invalid URL removed]): Iconfinder (both free and premium) has a section dedicated to 3D icons.
  • Open3D ( Open-source library for working with 3D data, offering some free 3D models that can be used for illustration purposes (technical knowledge required).
  • Cartoon Illustrations:
  • ** kartun** ([invalid URL removed]): Vecteezy offers a selection of free cartoon illustrations.
  • FreePik (Cartoon Vectors) ( Freepik also has a dedicated section for free cartoon vector graphics.
  • Education & Science Illustrations:
  • FlatIcon (Education Icons) ( Flaticon offers free and premium education-related icons.
  • ScienceDirect Images ([invalid URL removed]): While some require a subscription, ScienceDirect offers a limited selection of free scientific illustrations.
  • Infographic Illustrations:
  • Free Infographic Elements ([invalid URL removed]): Vecteezy provides free infographic elements, including illustrations.
  • Noun Project (Infographic Icons) ([invalid URL removed]): The Noun Project has free infographic-related icons.
  • Food & Drinks Illustrations:
  • Foodie Icons ([invalid URL removed]): Offers free and premium food and drink icons.
  • License Free Food Photos ( Not strictly illustrations, but Pexels offers free high-resolution food photos that can be used creatively.
  • Remember:
  • Always check the license terms before using any free illustration.
  • Explore these resources and discover more based on your project’s specific needs.
  • Consider using keywords and filters on these websites to narrow down your search for the perfect illustration.
  • This expanded list provides a wider range of options to find the ideal free illustration for your project. Happy hunting!

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