Free Vector Illustration for Projects and Websites with Commercial use

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Most of the developers and designers are feel when plan to position the image respective of the layout and the theme of the projects.

many projects some time never worth for products with quality like spending money for stock illustration pictures that time we surf on the website for download

Free word is the most eye-catching word for us to find which one is best to enter in google, keywords may distract or mislead to waste your working time.

we plan to reduce with various websites with its quality and purpose of it.

you have a purpose with these websites, please do bookmark them for your regular reference.

Of course, you can download illustrations for your UI Design or Web Apps

or whatever you are allowed to use these images with a Commercial license

Best sites for UI Design and Royalty-free


This website has hundreds of illustrated concepts to make our landing page, app, or presentation more attractive.

We can tell the story with the existing friends in the template. We can create animated illustrations to life with an online editor. We can customize. There are a lot of different backgrounds and layers to pick from.

The colors are editable. We can download the image as SVG or PNG file and export the animation as an HTML, GIF, or MP4 video format.


Undraw was launched in 2017. It provides images that fit your messaging, automatically customize the color to match your brand and use as a normal image. The goal is to create better-designed websites, products, and applications.

It is used by organizations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Harvard Business School. It started something cool with Adobe and has been adopted by a truly open community that includes designers, developers, and content creators, using it every day in unique and unexpected products, projects, and ways.

We can download and use SVG images that can be customized according to our needs. No blur, no size issues and we can modify every color, not just the primary.


Icons8 allows designers to express ideas, providing the right design elements at the right time. The icons may be in any size and style. Music for the videos is also provided.

Design tools and resources include icons, illustrations, music library, photo stock, and design software to work with these tools.

All paid Users and Licensees can make changes to photographs using Photo Creator,, including but not limited to derivative copies.


Freepik is a source for free vectors, PSDs, icons, and photos. The platform uploads over 80,000 exclusive free resources every month, designed by Freepik’s team or the community of graphic designers and vector artist contributors.

If you are a skilled designer or photographer, you have the opportunity to earn money with Freepik company. You can become a contributor and share your work on Freepik platforms.

They provide Premium Membership, where images can be downloaded for your projects. These images are available only to premium users. To have access to these images, a premium subscription must be purchased. It has over +12,379,000 popular vectors, photos, and PSD free graphic resources.

The vector-based images have eps format and it is the extension for the vector file. Photoshop saves the data using the PSD format.


Drawkit grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to download, copy, modify, and use icons and illustrations free of charge for our own commercial and non-commercial purposes, subject to the terms of the agreement.

Drawkitio provides free beautiful illustrations. Example: free illustration pack of covid vaccine, doctors, healthcare, hospital, vitamins, well being and more. It also provides free high-quality vector icons for covid-19, food, and drink, etc…

Drawkit gets updated regularly with new, free illustrations. We can request and vote on what illustrations we’d like created next.


Vecteezy is a leading global provider of digital imagery developed by an American company Eezy Inc., which is headquartered in Bowling Green, KY. They launched a service in May 2007 that allows users to license images directly from artists.

Vecteezy is freemium. Basic features are free with advertisements and limitations, while additional features, such as improved licensing options and a broader selection of content, are offered to paying customers.

Vecteezy provides quality creative resources, to get the projects done faster. We can download free vector art, stock photos, and videos.

Example: flowers, landscape summer meadow posters, etc…


Illustrations provide awesome illustrations. We can download illustrations for free, and use them to design awesome – landing pages, mobile applications, and presentations.

It has a large set of open-source illustrations. We can use it completely free and without attribution.

We can subscribe to design letters and get a weekly newsletter for designers, developers, and managers.


They are a small team of 9 with one goal in mind. To help businesses create truly breath-taking projects without breaking the bank. 

They provide quality work, on time. They always strive to provide the best customer service and put our customers first.

We can get lifetime access to hundreds of high-quality illustrations, by purchasing a package.


Vector4Free is a website dedicated to providing access to free vector graphics shared by the most talented and generous designers from all over the world. Here you’ll find a large collection of artwork in all the popular formats. All the vectors on the site are free for personal use.

We can find a large collection of artwork in all the popular formats. 

Mainly adobe illustrator’s .ai format, also .pdf, .eps, .svg and .cdr formats.

When you become a member, you can receive newsletters, offers also images.

This website has the best graphics for designers, developers, and makers. It has over 30, 500 icons, 19,500 illustrations and 850 + emoji.

The icons are designed for programming, social media, business, etc… Each icon has 3 unique weights. The weight can be categorized into light, regular, and bold.

We can drag and drop the icons from the .iconjar file into our design software. When we purchase an essential package, we get over 4,000 icons. The icons can be used as png or SVG files.

some websites may have many styles or many illustrations

Each website are different from their collections and styles, you can choose the websites as your requirement

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