Proven Ways of Google AdSense approval tricks for WordPress Blog

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I will tell you how did I get AdSense approval. some easy eligibility requirements can be followed and implemented in your blog.

The most important thing is content. content is the important factor for AdSense approval.

things you must know before creating an AdSense account for your blog, Be alert

Lets Make my blog is Case Study

Website Age

   According to AdSense policy, if you have a website with the domain by paying then that website must be 6 months old.

my blog age was 5 year. first of all, one of the conditions in Adsense was the blog’s age.  maybe you cross that age, you can apply for it .

Use top level domain:

     Top level domain is one of the domain at the highest level the hierarchical domain name system of the internet., .dot, .edu, .co, .Live. For approval of adsense we use top level domain like mine is I tell you one important information about domain all these are maintained by the IANA and is updated from time to time. The most famous TLDs are .com,  .org,  .Net .  The domain will help you to create chances of  getting approval.

unique content with cc license  photos:

      A creative commons licence is one of the several public corporate licences. A CC Licence is used when an author wants to give other people the right to share use and build upon a word that they have created. It is a non-profit organisation that provides free licence for creators.

To apply for AdSense with cc license, these create your content was standardized among readers. so, it will also improve your approval in AdSense.

Social media promotion

     We have to at least 4 social media. You will  share any answer link relevant  to question. It should bring interested visitors.

we have Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, pinterest and YouTube also.

Organic traffic:

It means how many visits to a website coming from a search engines organic results and not paid ads. Bring keywords in your content.

It will create traffic organic ( non paid) traffic is much more important than your website. Because they are not from any other websites.

User experiences:

wordpress themes optimised for AdSense. come in many shapes and sizes. These themes are beautiful one page design and User experiences based design for higher earning.

The best premium wordpress themes and templates are most important that. Any responsive team also ok for AdSense, but now it is basically depend on organic traffic and custom domain and SSL too.

Theme is not compulsory to purchase.

Copyright Issues

  One of the most rejecting Adsense approval was due to the following reason.

If you may be placed your content by another, the Google Adsense will disapprove of your blog. so, don’t be plagiarism.

Write in your own words. It is based on your own interest. put your own words, upload Post with uniqueness. It will increase your traffic for the Website.

Every content should be uniqueness will create new readers. This is much more important for your blog.
Adsense income calculator

Fully loaded email in updates at Gmail, Congratulations your website now ready to show the AdSense ads.

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