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Hostwinds, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has established itself as a solid contender in the Web hosting market. They offer a diverse range of services, from shared hosting to dedicated servers, catering to individual users and businesses alike. While not always the flashiest or most innovative, Hostwinds emphasizes reliable performance, competitive pricing, and robust features. Let’s delve deeper into their strengths and weaknesses to help you determine if they’re the right web hosting provider for you.


  • Fast and Reliable Uptime: Hostwinds boasts a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, backed by service credits for downtime exceeding agreed thresholds. User reviews generally confirm consistent uptime performance, making them a dependable choice for critical websites.
  • Solid Performance: Independent speed tests and user experiences reveal good website loading times, placing them amongst the faster hosting providers. Their use of SSD storage across all plans further contributes to improved performance.
  • Feature-Rich Plans: Even their basic shared plans include valuable features like cPanel control panel, Softaculous app installer, free SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts, and website builder. Higher tiers offer additional perks like malware scanning, website backups, and advanced security tools.
  • Wide Range of Options: Hostwinds goes beyond shared hosting, offering VPS, cloud, dedicated, and even reseller hosting solutions. This flexibility caters to diverse website needs and growth demands.
  • Global Data Centers: With data centers strategically located in the US, Europe, and Asia, Hostwinds aims to provide optimal performance for users worldwide. This reduces latency and improves website responsiveness for international audiences.


  • Price Increases at Renewal: Although introductory rates are competitive, renewal prices can be significantly higher. Be sure to factor in long-term costs before making a decision.
  • Limited Customer Support Options: While they offer 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and email, some user reviews mention long wait times and occasional difficulties getting issues resolved promptly.
  • Focus on Shared Hosting: Their dedicated server options might not be as feature-rich or customizable as some dedicated server specialists.
  • Limited Windows Hosting: Windows hosting plans are limited compared to their Linux offerings, potentially restricting options for some users.
  • Upfront Payment for Backups: Cloud backup services incur additional costs as separate add-ons, unlike some competitors who offer free or integrated backup solutions.

Speed: Hostwinds excels in website loading times. Independent tests and user experiences consistently rank them among the faster hosting providers, thanks to their efficient infrastructure, SSD storage, and optimized server configurations. This makes them a great choice for performance-critical websites and users sensitive to page load speeds.

Price Details:

  • Shared Hosting: $2.95/month (promotional) to $14.95/month
  • VPS Hosting: $19.95/month to $99.95/month
  • Cloud Hosting: $9.99/month to $149.99/month
  • Dedicated Servers: $179.95/month to $399.95/month

Best for:

  • Users prioritizing performance and uptime: Their reliable uptime and fast loading times make them ideal for websites requiring exceptional online presence and responsiveness.
  • Cost-conscious users seeking reliable shared hosting: Their introductory prices are competitive, particularly for shared plans, offering good value for basic website needs.
  • Users with global audiences: Their widespread data centers can benefit users targeting audiences in specific geographic regions.
  • Tech-savvy users comfortable managing their websites: Their interface and features cater to users comfortable handling website management independently, as some advanced management options might require additional configuration or add-ons.

Support: Hostwinds offers 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, and email. However, user experiences regarding support vary. Some praise their helpfulness and prompt resolution, while others report long wait times and difficulties receiving satisfactory solutions. Consider reaching out directly to test their responsiveness before signing up.

Conclusion: Hostwinds presents a compelling package of strong performance, global reach, and feature-rich shared hosting plans. Their reliable uptime, fast loading times, and competitive introductory prices make them a solid choice for users prioritizing these aspects. However, keep in mind potential drawbacks like higher renewal costs, limited support experiences, and lack of advanced features in certain areas. Ultimately, your decision should depend on your specific needs, budget, and level of technical expertise. Weighing their strengths and weaknesses against your priorities will help you determine if Hostwinds is the right fit for your website.

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