How ezoic average epmv calculated ? Know the Secret of Earnings

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Ezoic is a platform that helps website owners optimize their ad revenue by employing various tools, including ad placement optimization, testing, and more. EPMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) is a crucial metric they use to measure ad revenue efficiency.

Calculating EPMV with Ezoic involves dividing the total revenue generated by the total number of sessions and then multiplying by 1000 to get the earnings per thousand visitors. The formula looks like this:

EPMV=Total RevenueTotal Sessions×1000EPMV=Total SessionsTotal Revenue​×1000

For example, if a website earned $5000 from 100,000 sessions:

\text{EPMV} = \frac{5000}{100000} \times 1000 = $50

This would mean the website earns $50 for every thousand sessions.

Ezoic’s analytics and reporting tools usually provide this metric to help website owners gauge their ad revenue performance more effectively.

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