How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Website In India

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Website maintenance packages in India is different from other also called as Website Annual Renewal charges or Website Maintenance Charges

Website maintenance Charges depend on the various factor that follows

  • Website Domain Extension
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Type
  • Web Pages
  • Website Company
  • WebMaster
  • Additional Software

how much to charge

for website content

Website Domain Extension

Every Company wants to present their brand name with top level domains so it always huge demand for competitive keywords

.com ,.net, .org – top-level domain extension

The domain extension is price vary from top-level domain extension to country-level domain extension.

some domain extension does not have huge competition from domain buyers . it attracting sales depends on the country and business owners who wants to present with country level domains .

.uk, .au, .in,


Domain Name Prices

Website Hosting

web hosting purchased depends on the website type and category also pageviews

Lets say your website total traffic per week

Website Type

Website hosting packages can be chosen depends on the website type (Static or Dynamic )

Static – it can be changes by only Designer or Developer

Dynamic – it can be changes by Designer or Developer and Customer

Website Static – it have 20 Pages

Dynamic Pages – it have 3 Pages – 20 Content

cost will be the same even there is different category

Web Pages :

When website has a total of five pages that drive more traffics and it occupies more bandwidth for it.

cost will be high than regular charges

Website Company

charges may differ from website company to company. if the website company offers a wide range of services as a branded one, it charges so expensively.

if web site campany does not have very genuine clients , it charges regular price

Regular Price : 2800 RS

Expensive : Depends on Pages – 3000 Rs and Above


Webmaster is a role who doing maintenance of the website and making changes to it. Defiantly responsible for the Website content each element and functionality

Webmaster salary pay can be added to the website annual charges .

if webmaster roles for web requires more experience , even it more double annaual charges

Normal Webmaster Pay : 60000 RS

Additional Software

if a blog requires some additional software for different functionality , need to pay for annual charges of softwares.

  • Freepik
  • CDN
  • Mailchimp
  • Hootsuite
  • Canva

we have listed out there , factors that makes price changes on maintenance of the website , if you have any doubt ,please comment

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