11 Tips to Create a Personal Brand for Beginners

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After traveling a lot on the internet I had knee pain cannot walk in single step even I realized that I should have a personal brand of many professionals and non – professionals.

I asked my relative to do some major works in a home they gave some person’s name who did their job locally without a professional approach. But it does not matter here.

My bicycle has puncher problem my father addressed one bicycle mechanic. Such a situation I had lots, but those situations are teaching me.

 I realized that why I am not having a personal brand.

I started to ask a question to me where you are going to brand yourself and a few essential steps that I need to focus on.

What is the Field?

You may be realized, choosing the industry to focus and grow with it.

Depends on the industry, I can grow in the society and economy.

IT sector is my major dream field and where innovation that does a matter of customer experience.

Which job Profile to choose

After choosing the industry, it has various departments and many job profile roles are there.

I have to adapt the skills with nature of the job that what fits me.

Acquiring the skills:

Before creating a personal brand keep clear that should have essential skills for particular job roles.

you want to create a personal brand in Graphic Designer, you have to focus the Designing architecture and user experience in designing field and tools.


While acquiring the skills you have to identify the survival with your passion of job in the market condition where you are living.

Because depending on the location of the market condition your growth may differ according to your efforts and risk-taking.

Survival is risky for startups and not meant to be who is running their venture.

Always you have to mind the survival, because the working capital if you don’t have enough to survive that makes you suffer for a run.


The strategy enables you to acquire the position in the market you’re your brand value, many professionals and non-professionals are there in the market for their personal brand value.

But every personal branded professional has some difference with their competitors and customer expectation.

Customer expectation and product delivery may differ so such various perspective you have to focus on creating a sustainable strategy for your personal brand building.

 Buying behavior

Everyone is addicts to the branding in this digital age .
You may heard and experienced the word called branding in corporate terminology. You are great contributor through your buying behavior who identifies the product in the market to creating branding .

There are many brands in the market but you know well . you have chosen the branded product for your every demand .You know that you have purchased one branded product that is a unique one than other products .

Did you analyzed what will be your uniqueness ? .
Did you know what reason makes you to remember and induce you to purchase it?

That is really attracted with your personal touches. Many reasons that makes a product to be branded one with unique features.

Be strong your second wife:

Here is most important is factor is your job . Job you working you love it and start drilling it .

You may have good boss to the work with in.Your skills are great assets and always try to get the hardcore value of it. You should be looks so awesome in your second face in the mirror .

First finish your task within assigned time limit. After slightly increase your job responsibility .that’s helps you to gain more experience.

Open your doors in social media:

Social media booming like a anything . now days notifications are one of the habits like closing an eyes. Every one started to stand so create your branding in social media.

What kind of social media I should create first?
No more doubt, Always Facebook leads in the social media.

In Facebook you have to create a page and you should not post your digital content in Facebook account. you have to get audience through facebook page.

You should start promote your page.

You can create three or five social media accounts for promotion.

Ride with your content global:

Yes, you can start your create content you love most and this is a great possibility that really works out like creating blogging or starting a youtube channel.

Create your community :

You create a large number of audience for your content where it get reach .Community is very important for fans of your content .

here is a matter where you are going to feed the content for targeted audience .

Huge audience can engage your content like facebook groups and linked in groups.

Most of the bloggers in India are created facebook page and group for reaching their content for huge amount of reach.

Online presence for branding:

Before creating a blog keep remembered you should have unique name for your branding with your original name .
Like nail Patel, digital deepak, soravjain, gowrav madan.

Different name in google search

Your name should be designed with letters and same meaning also different letters.

Why because you engage your visitors fully with your branding.

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