5 Effective Ways to Get Leads for Affiliate Marketing Using Lead Generation Strategies

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There are many ways to generate leads for affiliate marketing offers.

It all depends if you have a marketing budget or not.

By practicing lead generation on your website, you can ensure you always have a steady stream of customers from your affiliates and by your own recruitment efforts.

This will surely improve your business and will boost your sales. Social media, blogging,guest posts, forums, paid advertising, youtube videos, new customer bonuses are some of the best ways to generate leads for affiliate marketing.

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The best free method to generate free affiliate marketing leads is to have a blog.

if you Update informative content on your quora account regularly on your blog so that visitors can sign up for more information.

If your content updation attracts the audience then surely visitors will find your site and sign up for your newsletter.

They help in the way to reach your content to more people.

But regular updation is very important to attract the visitors.

Once the visitors signs up your site you can market your offers to them.

The key is to get visitors to sign up.

You must have an option form available without the option form, you will lose 90% of your home business traffic.


Another effective way to generate leads for affiliate marketing is to get participate in affiliate forums like warrior forum(you have a link in your sign-file that leads to your option page).

Participate regularly, share useful information and visitors will sign up for your offer.

The warrior forum is the biggest internet marketing forum on the internet.

It divides the opinion among everyone who ever tried to “make money online”.


YouTube is also something you should do.start making videos closely related to your affiliate marketing offerings.

Share many ideas and tips on the videos.mostly videos always gets lots of views.

Put a link to your option form under your video, this is where people can get more information about your affiliate marketing offer.

Also,make sure you participate in you tube.Watch other videos also and leave a helpful comment on the videos.

The comment must be valuable otherwise the comment will not be approved.If you have a marketing budget,you can buy highly targeted traffic from different sites on the web..


One of the effective way to generate leads for affiliate marketing is by offering ‘new customer bonuses’.

This will encourage your affiliates to bring in more new customers to your site.

Depending on your affiliate management tool it may be tricky to offer bonuses.

However,Affiliate Royal makes it simple with the use of commission tiers.

Once you downloaded and installed the plugin,

go to Affiliate Royale>options>commission.


The guest post is nothing but, a content that you publish on a website other than your own.

This is great for bringing new prospectus to your website.By reaching out a new content you can drive new traffic to your website.

Actually,guest posts will include back links to your website,which can boosts its search engine result(SERP) ranking.

Of course,there are few guidelines to keep in mind as you seek out guest posting opportunities and write your

content.Blogs with active comments section and social media pages will increase your reach.


A social media campaign is very important to bring your marketing efforts to various social media platforms.

By creating your campaign ,you can reach a greater audience while still targeting keywords and topics.

If you think creating your social media campaigns is very difficult your can divide the process into smaller subprocess and you can make it easy to create it.

To get started,we recommend the following steps,

  1. Pick the right platform
  2. Create ‘shareable’ content
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