How to Register a Domain name with BlueHost -SSL, Privacy Protection

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Bluehost is one the most preferred hosting and domain registrar

It is a leading Web hosting company that powers more than millions of customers worldwide

You can find a unique favorite domain name for your business or blog

Make it short and different your brand from others

Bloggers are moslty buy bluehost wordpress hosting with free domain plans

bluehost domain name generator

You can search your domain keyword with most popular domain name extension like .com, .net., .org, .in, .co

bluehost domain name generator makes it easy of doing the purchase with choices

Once you searched a domain name keyword, you get results with TLD ( Top Level Domain name ) extensions are available or not

you can buy multiple domain name extensions with a single cart click, it helps to avoid brand replication for spam and hackers

While buying the domain name, a Privacy plan enables you to keep your contact information to be safe and avoid the thief

Basically, you can get it with .com if you looking for that one you can buy it with Bluehost.

Before buying the domain name you need to sign up for a Bluehost account with proper real contact details or a single click of google accounts.

Plan to buy a domain name with hosting, you going to get free domain with Free SSL

for your website bluehost domain name pricing is zero if you buy it.

if you buy more than 3 years for hosting , you get more moey on savings

after payment through debitcard or creditcard , you are redirected to domain manger page , you can see the domain name with domain details such as expiration date, namserver, tranfer

Domain manger make you to manage the domain so easy and avoid the expiry thorugh enabling the auto-renewal with credit card

Domain name Transfer

your domain name registry and hosting is different, transfer is simple and safe.

domain lock helps to lock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Bluehost domain name servers

A domain name server is different from Bluehost, you can change them simply with domain name manager and edit the default name server to use the hosting company name server

it takes nearly two or three hours but sometimes takes more than 12 hours to get updated and works in the server

Bluehost hosting

Bluehost Hosting

it starts with the free domain name and unlimited bandwidth for your websites makes never troubles and easy to manage with free SSL

Automatically scanning the files daily to avoid Malware in the web hosting server

High ranged standard Performance for beginners


  • Clean Design
  • Easy to use for Domain manager
  • Powerful Hosting with high performance
  • Support team is avaliable 24/7
  • Bluehost domain name renewal with autorenewal


  • Domain price bit high than other domain name register
  • Many Domain Namer Purchasers are not prefer but wordpress blog users only prefered
  • Email hosting with microsoft 365 integration is slow

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