The Easiest Ways to Sell Online your Products from Home in 2024

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A study predicts more than 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy products and services online. The number translates to 27.6 percent of the entire population of the world.

Reason enough to open an online store?

Online stores stay open 24X7. You’ll never miss a sale because your shop closed for the day.

Furthermore, a physical store needs a huge investment. Online stores offer a less pricey option to it as well.    

What are the best ways to sell online? Let’s analyze.

In the next five minutes, learn ways to sell online pro merchants and vendors use.

Four best ways to sell online

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • Four best ways to sell online
  • How each of them works
  • Pros and cons of each way to sell

Sell through dropshipping services

What are the easiest ways to sell online? The first answer that pops up hearing the question is dropshipping services.

Why? In a dropshipping service, you act as a middleman. You never buy, stock, and deliver products buyers order.

You list products on your site or on social media accounts. A third-party supplier manufactures and stocks the products. When a buyer places an order, you inform the supplier.

The supplier ships the product to the buyer. The supplier pays you a commission when they receive the payment.


  • You never invest any capital in dropshipping services. A phone or laptop, internet connection, and marketing on your social media accounts suffice.
  • You won’t need to manufacture or stock the products. Thus, never worry about the costs that come with them.
  • The supplier takes care of the shipping of the product.
  • You never worry about collecting payments. The supplier manages payments for you.


  • You never see the products. Thus, you depend on the supplier for its quality. However, if the buyer receives a faulty product, they question your credibility.
  • You buy products one at a time. Thus, you cannot afford bulk discounts.
  • The suppliers offer low-profit margins when you’re starting out. However, they offer exclusive deals if you bring them a higher number of sales.   

Sell through Shopify — an e-commerce website builder

Ecommerce website builders offer customizable online shops. You tweak the shops to your liking and begin selling online.

Which ecommerce website builder to choose? Shopify rules the market of websites for sales.

More than 1,700,000 businesses use Shopify. The sheer number makes Shopify the most trusted ecommerce website builder. The Shopify app scores 4+ out of 5 on both Google Play and App Store as well — making it popular among selling apps.

Use the drag and drop feature to build your online store. Choose between the 9 free templates to design the look of your online store. Furthermore, Shopify offers 67 additional paid themes.

Every online store on Shopify is mobile-responsive. Thus, buyers won’t face any difficulties in navigating your store on their mobiles. Happy buyers translate to more business for you, right?

Shopify offers its services for a monthly fee. Check the different packages on the website.


  • Control every aspect of your online store including the look and how you feature products on your store.
  • With your own online store, you never compete in a crowded marketplace.
  • Never worry about algorithm updates on platforms such as social media and marketplaces.
  • Shopify Shipping handles the shipment of your products. Remember you pay a fee for it.
  • Shopify Payments, Shopify’s in-built payment system manages every payment you receive.
  • Shopify POS hardware allows you to sell offline as well.
  • Create newsletters with Shopify Email. Market your products on your buyer’s email inbox. Reach up to 2,500 subscribers for free.
  • Dedicated customer support solves queries 24/7.


  • Shopify Payments allows you to sell only from selected countries. Check the website for the list of supported countries.
  • You pay a transaction fee of up to 2% of each transaction if you don’t use Shopify Payments.
  • You must use Shopify payments to get access to multi-currency selling

Sell through Online Marketplaces

Amazon, eBay, Etsy — the names sound familiar, do they? These ecommerce platforms serve as online marketplaces.

With 1.9 million active sellers worldwide, Amazon holds the title of the world’s largest online retailer.

How to sell on an online marketplace?  

Create an account. List one or multiple products for sale. Upload the product images. Write the product description and set the price.

That’s it. You’re now ready to sell online.

When a customer places an order, prepare and ship the product.

Online marketplaces offer a trustworthy platform. Be it Amazon or eBay, customers trust these platforms. Thus, you benefit from the authenticity the marketplaces gained.

Furthermore, huge numbers of potential buyers visit online marketplaces. 150.6 million mobile users visited the Amazon app in the U.S. alone in September 2019. Thus, your chances of selling increase.

Sell items online without worrying about stock and shipping management. The marketplaces handle the product stocking and shipment for an extra cost as well. Remember eBay doesn’t offer this feature.


  • Set up your shop in easy steps. You won’t need any coding skills. Furthermore, never worry about using drag and drop to build your online store.
  • The massive traffic on the online marketplaces increases your online sales.
  • You benefit from the trust online marketplaces earned.


  • Online marketplaces charge high fees for storing and shipping your products. Furthermore, the commission they charge for each sale stays on the higher side too.
  • The competition to sell items online is tough on online marketplaces. The reason? The huge number of sellers active on these platforms.

Sell through social media

Internet users worldwide spent 145 minutes each day in 2020. Furthermore, social media apps including Facebook and Instagram work as selling apps too.

Thus, social media is one of the easiest ways to sell online.

You’ll need to apply different strategies to sell depending on the social media platform.

Open a Business Page for Facebook. For Instagram, open or convert your account to a Business one.

Upload the product photos. Select the category of the product. Write the description, tags, and set the price.

Promote the selling post with paid promotions. Social media platforms offer real-time customer feedback as customers reach out to you right at the moment.


  • Interact with your customers in real-time. The quick and direct approach builds higher trust.
  • Get access to all the details of everyone who visits your page or account via the Insights feature. The insights help target your promotions.
  • You never invest any money for listing your products on social media. The ad costs too are lower than the fees you pay on other websites for sales.


  • People open social media to entertain themselves. They’re reluctant to buy a product. Thus, you must market your products better than on other platforms.
  • Trolls and unnecessary negative reviews hurt your reputation.

What is the easiest way to sell online?

Shopify serves as the easiest way to sell online. The platform offers you complete control. Furthermore, you won’t need any technical skills to set up the store.

If you prefer easier set-up and the trust of a brand, choose online marketplaces.

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