How to transfer a domain from Bluehost to Hostinger

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            Now, I am going to with you how to prepare your domain to be transferred from bluehost to a hostinger.

First of all, check your domain was eligible to transfer that means it was 60 days.

Now, log in to Bluehost  your  control panel.

Click the Domain manager tab.

Click the domain name.

unlock the domain on the lock tab.

Turn off privacy protection on the privacy tab.

Get the EPP code.


  • Log into the Hostinger account 
  • Access the Hostinger Domain transfer page.
  • Simply, enter your domain name and click transfer.
  • Enter the EPP code and initiate the transfer.

once the domain name transfer is requested, you will shortly receive a confirmation email to approve the domain transfer.

You should approve the transfer in your Bluehost control panel once it’s all started properly.

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