How to Transfer domain from Bigrock to GoDaddy

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Many people transfer domain for their comfortableness.

To reduce domain renewal cost, move domain renewal another is a good technique.

Change from bigrock to godaddy was more bloggers wanted, when it comes to saving money in renewal.

The most bloggers take the transfer decision.

It was easy method. I will tell you, you to do?

Before that you need to check domain age must be 60 days old.

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Both godaddy and bigrock account are accessed.

After this, will login into your big rock account and deactivate privacy protection and registration lock.

2. Then click do Main lock and copy or note the secret code.

3.  Now, login to your GoDaddy account and click in the domain.

Into this click in domain services and into this domain transfer.

4.  Enter the domain name you wish to transfer.

5. And before that, authorization code/domain transfer secret key need to put that.

It was in your control panel.

6. After this you will pay for transfer fees, it was different, .In, and so on.

7. Proceed with the payment and you need to provide secret code from your control panel. Click the submit button.

8. Mail has been once approved by the registrant contact, the current registrar will send an mail regarding the transfer.

9. If you want verify that  transfer,  you need to check it in your bigrock account and accept transfer.

10. Finally, it will take next 5 to 7 days to complete the transfer process.

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