How to Transfer Domain Godaddy to Bigrock

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Today’s modern world website development platform was rises, almost bloggers.

I mean who wants to create a website or start a blog. In blogging platform, most important thing to blogger was to choose correct blogging platform.

maybe he select CMS and also he designed web page. He need to develop his blog through contents. for that he needs web  hosting and domain.

The domain was comes under this. clearly, domain is the URL of a your website domain and hosting closely related  one.

Hosting means that was a company that puts your website up on the Internet everything will be saved on this it makes you visible on internet.

Why people wants  different platform?

      The common reason  was lower cost of domain extensions, user friendly control panel,  freedom to modify the DNS records.

Big rock and godaddy:

     Bigrock and Godaddy have been in the hosting industry for while now. Both these hosting  companies offer users web hosting and domain registration services.

Bigrock offers unique c panel for Linux costing and plesk  control panel for Windows OS.

There is no limit for storage in bigrock.

For better data protection bigrock uses Juniper switchers.

Godaddy ranked number one in ICANN certified domain register.

Confirm domain transfer:

  Age of domain must be 60 days old.

Expired domain cannot be transfered. Bothgodaddy and bigrock account are accessed.

How to do?

       1. Deactivate the theft protection and privacy settings of your domain.

       2.  In your godaddy account got to domain manager , click ‘unlock’ domain option.

       3. Take the authorization code or domain secret key.

       4. Open account in bigrock and go to it. Next on the domain menu and then select domain transfer.

       5. Enter the authorization code. Click the big rock domain coupon code then a package and enter about payment:

After completed this, check your email for the approve  transfer link by bigrock.

Bigrock notifying Godaddy of the transfer of domain. once again come to Godaddy account undergo the domain manager, confirm the domain name and is listed in the transfer tab.

If it is, accept transfer. you completed your domain transfer.

After this, it will take on week or five days to activate the domain in bigrock.

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