How to Transfer the Domain Name from Namecheap to Bluehost

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          If you want to transfer your domain from Namecheap to Bluehost. Just follow the following  instruction carefully:

Prepare to transfer :

       Before initiating your new hosting service you will be able to do as follows:

  • Before domain transfer, you have to verify that domain age should be more than 60 days from the registration.
  • you can’t transfer 45 days old domain.

Disable lock and get Authcode :

       Now, sign in to your Namecheap account and go to domain list then click manage.which domain you want to transfer out.

Next, go to sharing & transfer tab.

Into this, you can see transfer out section you auth code on the same page.  This authentication code(auth code) was too important.

It will send  to your email address. Before that disable  your privacy.

Initiate the transfer:

  • Log into your bluehost account and go to domain manage.
  • Now, click transfer.
  • Enter the domain you want to transfer.
  • Bluehost will check the status of  your domain to transfer.
  • If it is not approved, Enter the auth code and click ‘continue.’
  • Next, we have emailed the admin verification code to the registrant. Enter that code and click ‘continue’ and set your renewal preference.
  • Finally, check the box agreeing to the terms & service then click add to cart.
  • ICANN requires the gaining registrar to renew the domain for one year upon transfer which you will see in the shopping cart. Process the payment to initiate the transfer 

It can take Upto five days  for a domain transfer to complete.

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