How to Transfer the Domain Name from Namecheap to Hostinger

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       To transfer a domain out of Namecheap you need to follow the instructions below

      Before that you will check the domain was atleast 60 days old. Disable Unlock code.

Firstly, sign in to the Namecheap account, go to the sharing & transfer tab. Into this, you can see transfer out section you auth code on the same page. 

This authentication code (auth code) was too important.

It will send to your email address. Before that disable your privacy.

Now, follow the simple steps to transfer to hostinger:

  • Log in to Hostinger account.
  • Go to transfer Domain page.
  • Enter the domain name and click ‘transfer.’
  • Proceed with the payment.
  • Enter the EPP/auth code and initiate the transfer. 

Once you will finish the order, the transfer will be initiated.

you will receive an email regarding the domain transfer, make sure to confirm it.

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