Things to Know Before Starting Blog

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In the blogging , you have idea to start a blog that considered as one of your best answer for the Question but why people in online read your blog and

how you going to convey the great contents in so fast .

Did you know what are the challenges behind it ?

Lets discover the Possibilities to overcome the Existing Problems in Blogging

— udune (@uduneblog) January 1, 2019

Many blogger and website designers created Blogs .

But very very few of them are getting money enough for their lives. 

Investing in content makes you and your company to be a branded one with global fans in online .

But earning a money is not in your control always .

It may not predictable in many times.

Blogging takes a lot of time:
It is a true but not for all. If you learn some strategy while doing you are a better and success full blogger .

Because many bloggers are having not idea where to start and what should to do day to day work for develop their blog .

blogs are required lot of work and time to get shape respective of the theme . If you change the blog theme , you are losing your audience and growth .

From thinking a idea for posting to share the post online Required a huge manual works to make people to say it is blog .

Every new bloggers are may not having any experience in blogging so ultimately they commit many mistakes and will learn in self-actualization  .

You will need to invest some money in your blog :
Your time is a great thing to invest that worth in blog.

Not a time only can make you are successful blog , you need to invest some money in blog to get professional domain and hosting.

But you can generate some money in blogging without spending even a single coin .

Free blogs are available in online where you do blogging and generate income , but you should not able to grow beyond some extent .

Your blog means branding like some media, your blog name let’s say domain name matters on branding .

Web hosting is space that allocated for our website.

And speed of the website . Also many more features included .

 To Start A Blog And Become Successful, You Need Great Content :

Whatever you do in content marketing if the content not personally and emotionally attached to the users , blog not starts to attract the visitors.

Great content is mainly one thing needed that is useful of information for your audience .Audience must feel entertain the content in your blog .

They should be impressed in the way of telling stories .

A good story telling makes you to attract the more visitors without spending more dollars.

Never Stop Your Learning :

Learning is the main asset than money , it mostly valued in your life . You are  branding for your blog that depends on your knowledge.  You should not stop for anything . No one knows everything but trying to know never wrong in it .

Learning is a fun , you going to enjoy   really the journey of knowing things . Be Passion about Learning if you have such a attitude you going to shine in the industry

Your Network Is Your Net Worth:

Let say Net worth is depend on Network. We would grow in our business that also main reason. How network we have created so for .

Network could be matters when you created relationship.

Your Design Might Scare Your Visitors Away :

Keep in mind that your blog design. Makes each your visitors to become your loyal customer .

The color you use that appealing a branding experience .

The blog layout would give user experience in better engagements

Your Subscribers Are Your Customers :

Mailing list one of the great source for you to gain traffic with more returns .

Your mail list will give you more traffic than any other source

Lot of mail service providers are offer free post delivery to email in automatically.

Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Almost All New Bloggers Make :

Yes , you are new to blogging surly you make lot of mistakes that’s ok with it but you have to understand what mistakes you committed because you need to overcome the challenges .

Self actualization is very important in blog, you should know well about you than anyone .Keep learning also about you , be ready to make a changes at you .

Research :
Before doing , do research about online blog which topic you what to start .

Really it would help you , find easy methods to get your target audience.

Understand the industry is very important factor , that will help you to reap tha succes in blogging.

Patience Is Crucial Factor:

In other industry you may be however , but in this blogging you should have patience .

Your blog may generate money when it has some limited content and traffic  .

It will not possible in single day . Need to work hard to make blog enough blog post and number of visitors per day .

Your website quality must be approved from monetization website
Such as Google Adsense, media , taboola,

I have waited more than two years for getting approval but I never stopped my blogging for delay on monetization .

Google Analytics Is Main Key :
Analytics are one of the succes factor . Why because your success is measured by not only your quality of content , you traffic is the main key value to get money from clicks .

website should have Minimum  traffic otherwise no doubt you will be rejected and analytics skills are essential after 6 months you come to know how to improve its traffic and generate a income .

What kind of users and what is the main source for your traffic you understand the methods to improve .

You need to stand out from the crowd for unique value :

You know one thing the topic you choose already many of them are doing .You frame a statergy that must bring more value and find out the unique way of approach .

Domain Name  :
Your domain is your business name so please do research before buying . 

Try to make domain keyword is popular word in the industry .

Web Hosting :

Web space you can buy online and which is affordable you buy it because in starring stage you need limited space and traffic’s.

But never wrong if you buy unlimited space and all

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting for Blog

You will need to make friends :
Your character may shy and interpersonal . You may like to speak with others or may not but you create a friends circle across the
Global .

Make huge network of friends , you can get more benefits.  You can get help when you are in trouble . Create a new relationship with many technical expert and join more industry based active facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Most of the groups through you come to know each profile about it so you can judge them who should be a friend .

Depends on the profile activities and education also employment status .

You should learn make money online :

If you build a great content , you can not assure that you can earn money .

Earning a money in online is not such easy task .

There is huge chellanges behind it.

Content marketing is major skills that only can help you to get money from online .

There are many ways you can earn money

1 affiliate marketing
2 cost per click
3 Guest posting
4 Ads
5 Selling in website
6 product review

Conclusion :

you may have such qualities or may not be passion and strong in your decision to start a blog , you will get money and reward very soon for your work

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