Interserver Shared and Cloud VPS Web hosting Pricing review 2021

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        This was a popular posting service due to its features. It was mostly ideal web hosting for wordpress sites.

Interserver communication is an extension of the client server model in which data exchange directly between servers.


     It offers price lock  guarantee. It was much more benefit for customers. price guarantee is one of its perk in interserver.

The amount you are agree when signing up is the price you will continue to pay during the lifetime of the contract.

As long as you don’t make adjustments to your plan, you can expect that fees for your web hosting.

price lock guarantee can be beneficial for small business or mid-sized companies.

How much does it cost?

      For shared web hosting plans: price was $5 and  bandwidth was unlimited. In VPS hosting plans:

For Linux cloud VPS, pricing was $6 per month and bandwidth was 1TB.

For windows cloud VPS, pricing for one month is $10 and bandwidth was 1TB.


  Interserver shared plan also cheapest one. It offers different levels within each plan.

you have the ability to pay only for the resources that you need to choose.

Interserver provides the following types of  web hosting:

  • Shared hosting,
  • VPS ( virtual private server),
  • cloud hosting, dedicated hosting,
  • location hosting,
  • reseller hosting,
  • service hosting,

custom. from above all hosting, the two most important hosting and popular offered by interserver is VPS and the cloud hosting


   it is most famous cost in solution available on today’s life.

It is made available to customers by interserver, blue host and also offered by top hosting provider, VPS hosting occurs when a large server is divided into a number of smaller virtual servers which can access an independent environment.

Cloud hosting:

     Cloud hosting mean that  data is stored across a number of different web servers ‘in the cloud’ rather than on a single server or dedicated server.

cloud costing is a good choice for small business that may need to scale up quickly and easily.

some good reasons to choose cloud VPS hosting are :  A reliable and affordable hosting option, access your data anywhere, anytime : get a full control dedicated resources, self- sealing hardware, better collaboration, database.

Reseller web hosting:

    Interserver offers five different reseller hosting packages. The primary difference between the packages is the amount of disk space  alloted and the maximum amount of Bandwidth you and your  affiliates  can use.

VPS hosting coupons:

Interserver  has many different coupons available for our new customers to try our service.

Coupon code:

      In e – Commerce and online shopping  a coupon code for promo code is a computer-generated code. It offers discount on the current purchase. Using coupon code was benefit for us.

Programming and software development:

     Interserver’s VPS plans support, in addition to beingable to run an unlimited number of my SQL database.

3. Ruby
4. SSI and so on.

so this you can customise your server with any Linux based application.

Advantages of interserver:

1.Price lock guarantee
2.guarantee email delivery.
3.wordpress Optimisation. migration and great infrastructure .
5.It  was very fast and Secure and freely backup.

Disadvantage of interserver: servers are not provided with a control panel.
2.web hosting plans did not get guarantee. was dull.

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