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Do you want to grow your commercial market online by building a website on your own? Do you find it difficult to start a professional website?

Do you think you need to expert in code language to develop one? Well, you don’t need to.

Here is a new and cheap website builder where you can just customize web layouts and present your viewers as you wish without any coding knowledge.

Ipage is a web hosting private company founded in 1998 which offers its customers to build websites on their own with several web packages to develop their businesses online.

The former web service provider that is re-developed as a hosting provider comes with the number of unlimited domains per subscription.

It is now officially owned by Endurance International Group.

  1. Features
  • Small businesses which integrate with e-commerce platforms seek a popular easy-to-build web hosting provider like Ipage since it is affordable and obtains numerous features.
  • One of the attractive features of Ipage is its core features that includes free SSL certificate, unlimited domain names and databases.
  • Larger commercial markets demand such databases and unlimited disk space which are available on Ipage web server. The shared servers also help to run WordPress hosting environment for the users who want to develop a WordPress site.
  • Ipage contains several different templates and layouts for the users to select and design with the available tools.
  • A wide range of cheapest designing tools are offered for different purposes such as blogs, forums, mobile site builder, WordPress and other content management systems. Several internal domains are also available in each tools.
  • The best part of this web host is the drag-and-drop tool developed only to make users find it easier to design the layouts.
  • The websites designed in Ipage are also made to sell online through several commercial integration.
  • Ipage Webmail is initiated to help users to customize their own email domain and develop online business by enabling autoresponders, virus checkers, spam filters and so on.
  • This web hosting environment is considered to be with the world-class technology.


Ipage is considered to be one of the cheapest web hosting provider which starts from $1.99 per month.

Initial registration is around $7.99 to $9.99 which varies by term length.

Users can make payment of $2.99/mo, $2.49/mo and $1.99/mo for one, two and three years respectively.

However, the rate of renewal is around $11.99 which is very high.


The average uptime of Ipage is around 99.98% which is the highest of any cheapest web hosts. It is enhanced with a decent secutiy options like Sitelock to avoid any malicious attacks. It has an amazing customer support for its decent pricing. Ipage also integrates with third party applications and payment gateways for any secure payment transactions.


The loading time of Ipage web hosts are at 820ms which is faster than most of the other web hosts.

But considering the wait time to load sites is quite high, it results in the loss of web traffic.

Most of the users prefer for faster loading sites and this huge impact of SEO degrades the site visibility.

Money back

There is a 30-days money back guarantee when contacted for refund within 30 days of purchasing under applied terms and conditions.

However, $15 fee will be deducted for using domain name during the 30-day window.


Unlimited hosting

Most of the features which Ipage claims unlimited, actually are not “unlimited”.

Yes, Ipage expects the user to use limited number of files/disk space and database tables to keep up proper service performance which otherwise, the user account may even be suspended/terminated.

Link to Buy

In this digitized world, many users buy products online hence it is required to publish and market in the web hosting environment.

E-commerce and content management systems are necessarily important for any business to develop to keep up the relationship between the customers and the vendors. Ipage is an easy-to-build host to build such an environment.


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