Know-How to Join the Quora Partner Program in India

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By waiting patiently for it and being lucky.

There is no other way! Quora has not announced any criterion for sending out invitations.

Nowadays there might be a temporary hold on issue of new invitations but we all hope Quora will renew sending invitations in future.

You need not do anything special.

Be active and eligible.

Keep asking questions, Post answers as regularly as you can.

In due course you may get an invitation.

I wish you luck

After how many days of joining Quora can a person get a mail for Quora Partner Program from Quora?

No fixed time.

You could get an invitation within two months of joining and having made no significant contribution, like many who got invited.

You could be here for years with many useful contributions in the form of answers and questions and still not get an invitation.

I suspect Quora sends out invitations periodically at random.

I am not aware of any criteria that Quora has for deciding whom to send invitations to. They have not formally announced it.

So, I believe you need luck and patience to get an invitation if you are keen.

But, here is a tip that I can whisper into your ears. (Don’t be too eager. It’s no longer financially attractive. The average question value in English is now 9 cents per question after one year of being on the site for answering. In Hindi it’s even worse. The average question value these days is one cent after being on the site for 6 months. Are you still eager?)

How Can I Enable Quora Partner Program?

You can’t “enable” the Quora Partner program.

It is already enabled and running.

You can only join it if Quora invites you.

All you can do is to wait patiently for your invitation.

You need luck too. Quora has not announced publicly their criteria for choosing whom to send invitations. I am guessing they pick and choose randomly from time to time.

Can I become famous by just asking good and genuine questions?

You mean by asking questions on Quora?

Unfortunately no. You may get a lot of answers and some money if you are a Quora partner but you may not become famous.

While the names of those who write answers, and post comments are clearly displayed, the names of the persons asking the question are not displayed.

One needs to do some digging to find the name of the person. Most Quorans don’t bother about who asked the question. If they find the question attractive and they know the answer and have the time to post an answer, they do it.

So it is unlikely that anyone will become famous here for asking questions.

On the other hand, some people have become notorious for flooding the forum with useless, trivial and repetitive questions and been blocked by many users

Quora partner program earnings

with income proof

Does Quora provide the payment to their partner on time?

Yes indeed.

So far, since Nov 2018, Quora has never defaulted in payments due to me.

I promptly got my payments transferred to my PayPal account on the first Monday (in USA) of the month.

By next day I would get intimation from Pay pal acknowledging receipt and informing me that the money has been sent to my bank account in India. In one more day, at the most I get a message from my bank in India acknowledging credit in equivalent Indian rupees.

What has been your experience of Quora Space Earnings program?

It is too early to come to any conclusion about it.

I welcome the idea of having Spaces.

We can slot our answers into various spaces and therefore find it easier to locate a particular answer based on its subject.

Many of my readers are not interested in all the answers that I write.

They want to read answers only on particular topics.

It is now convenient because they can visit my Spaces.

By enabling contributions from others, we can also arrange to have all the answers on a particular subject available at one particular place.

I am not very enamoured about the earnings.

Since it was introduced on June 15th in India till today, June 24, I have earned a total of 11 cents only.

I have no hopes of making money from Space earnings.

I get more money by asking questions where I earn about $1 per day for asking about 5 to 6 questions everyday under the Quora partner program.

I now spend some time everyday going through my old answers and sharing them with relevant spaces.

These answers though old, are still relevant and the people who have read them earlier are no longer active on Quora and so the answers will be of interest to all my new readers and followers.

How much time do popular Quorans spend daily on Quora?

In my case, I spend about 5 hours per day on an average.

The maximum was 8 hours.

The minimum is 3 hours.

But this time is not spent in one sitting. It is distributed throughout the day.

I am a retired person and Quora is my main hobby these days and I can afford to spend this time without prejudice to other activities during the day.

I also enjoy spending time on Quora, whether I earn anything or not.

Till Dec 2018, I earned nothing. I enjoyed Quora.

In 2019 I earned over $4000 on Quora. I enjoyed it.

This year I am earning $20 per month on Quora and I am still enjoying it.

Even if the earning is zero I will continue. Earning from Quora is not my objective.

I don’t recommend spending so much time on Quora to others, particularly students and professionals.

 How many followers and views are required to earn from Quora Spaces

The earnings do not depend on followers and views but on the number of ad impressions on the answer or space pages. The more the ad impressions the better the chances of earnings.

What finally matters is how many of those ad impressions are actually clicked on and the value of the ad impression and how much revenue Quora gets. All these are confidential and will not be revealed to us.

Quora shares a part of the revenue it gets from clicks on these ads. What percentage is shared is also confidential and perhaps variable. So you need to generate revenue for Quora if Quora is to pay you a share. And the controls are not with you or Quora. Everything depends on the viewers, advertisers and the clickers on those ads.

The number of followers and views mean nothing to Quora. If they had mattered, I would be a rich man these days.

Why has Quora discontinued sending the Quora partnership program link?

I don’t think they have formally discontinued it. I did not see any announcement on the subject.

My guess (just guess, I have no inside information) is that they don’t feel the need to send out invitations any more.

Last year most of the partners earned decent amounts and some partners made a killing! I myself earned about $4000 during 2019.

These earnings were prominently displayed on the dashboards.

Attracted like flies to honey, by these amounts, there was a mad scramble for getting invited.

I have been flooded with inquiries on who gets the invitation, what the qualifications are and what they must do to earn it and after how much time or after how many questions or answers they will be eligible.

Most of the private messages I got dealt with this subject. I have patiently answered them and told them they don’t need to do anything, except be patient and be lucky as I suspect the invitations are sent out at random, periodically. Nothing else explained why some newbies managed to get the invitation even without any significant contributions while old timers with handsome contributions were still waiting.

But thinking that by asking more questions even without an invitation, they will be noticed by Quora and be invited, thousands hopeful youngsters have been active in asking hundreds of questions (mostly of poor quality). Just the prospects of an invitation was enough of an incentive for these eager youngsters to churn out hundreds of questions every day.

I have repeated counseled these youngsters and told them not to invite disappointment and frustration by chasing this invitation and instead enjoy Quora for what it is, a platform for growing the world’s knowledge base and for learning and sharing but no one seems to be listening.

I also advised them that the days of good earnings are gone. The earnings were good last year but this year Quora changed the rules for payment and there has been a DRASTIC reduction and earnings are no longer worth the time and effort if money is the motive for asking and not curiosity or a thirst for knowledge. But these youngsters don’t mind.

Even 10 dollars a month is an attraction. It is good pocket money for teenagers in India.

They are doing all they can to get an invitation and believe posting more and more questions is the way to succeed in it. One fellow told me he would be happy to earn enough to pay his mobile phone bills every month.

So when questions come on their own, there is no need for Quora to invite more people and dangle the QPP carrot as an incentive to post more and more questions.

It is also possible that Quora has noticed and heeded complaints about junk questions being posted here from serial posters. (One Quoran has posted 167,000 questions already. I am amazed). So, in an effort to stem the flood, they have put on hold sending out invitations. This may be temporary. They may resume at the appropriate time.

I repeat. All this is just my surmise. I have no authorized information.

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