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Media is one of leading advertising company it serves banner, native ads, local ads, with largest  publishers in the global .

One of the second largest contextual advertisement company .

Adchoice is used for advertising program that mainly associate with Bing and yahoo.

Media net revenue generation is much difficult than google Adsense .

It serving most of the advertisements are contextual and shows as text links not banner so as user not having opportunities for impress .

It is not showing most of the time  the users search based query  advertisement . Always related to the page title and content .

     is the contextual advertising network. is a second largest contextual advertising network in the world.

It is also one of the top 5 largest ad Tech companies in world wide. They have apps that are mostly for blocks or text websites because of the contextual elements.

This ads looks like list of links or buttons that link to another website. when someone on their website click on one of their ads, the publisher’s get paid for that.

Likes :

  •  It is the best alternative for Google Adsense.
  • The best thing is that helps bloggers to monetize their content.
  • Also, their dashboard, management, and clean UI. The simplest is the collection of advertisements for your site.
  • They have various advertisers signed up for the network.
  • offers standard advertisers and the quality of ads.
  • easy navigation and simple.
  • On you can get your own account manager that helps you choose your ads and modify the ads for your website.
  • It also has a premium publisher program.
  • The customer service provided by is good.


  • many  people say there is not much information out  on media  let consumers learn about it.
  • sometimes we have to set up the code properly on our site to avoid SEO disturbance
  • when compared to Google AdSense , they make sign up for every website that you own.
  • If you have multiple website you will need to get approval for each website your own.
  • But once you apply for Google AdSense, your application got approved you could put ads on all the websites that you own.
  • takes a long time to optimise your ads.
  • In mobile functionality, internationalisation are some of the lowest rated features.
  • creative preview , user role and access management and targeting are some of the highest rated features.
  • for beginners, that one common complaint for most bloggers have with the  is low revenue.
  • Auto access not available have to place ad  codes manually.
  • Reporting is delay getting approval in very hard.

The shown ads will be related to your content, it increases the chance of getting click.

It is very easy to get approval from Every advertising network has their terms and condition and Minimum requirements, to get approval from the network.

let us see some determined to get approval.

Content language:

your website have to be in English language only.

This ad network accepts only those websites have English as the primary languages.

But if you have multi lingual block including English then you can apply.

Just put English language content on first few pages.

If approved, avoid non-english language ads to put on your website to avoid future bans.

Don’t plagiarism :

Don’t write copied or blogger is content on your website.

Be true to yourself. Write using your own words. upload content with the uniqueness.

This will help you to get traffic to your website.

No misleading, illegal, controversial content, avoid adding links to illegal downloaded sites.

Try writing content usefully and informative with infographic representation. unique content is always put mark for your site approval.

sufficient article in your site may also lead  to get approval.

TLD and traffic: approve if you will using top level domains(TLDs). maybe you were use naked domain it will never give approval for your website. is mostly used in the UK, USA ,Australia and Canada.

so most of the traffic should be from UK, US, Canada and Australia. And your website should  have some organic traffic.

Website pages:

Many people said, “first impression is the last impression.” we have the pages of about, contact us and privacy policy as per website category requirements.

our website pages and menu definitely it should be visible to the user.

The website design should be smooth and elegant. It will easy to navigate.

Remove unnecessary widgets, extensions, plugins and ads:

Before apply to this, you will remove ads related to affiliate marketing. Also, remove links directly to low quality third parties.

A lot of plugins or extension is not good that make your website too heavy. so, remove the extensions like that.

you simple, professional plugins which are useful to you.

most of all it is very important to know that remove all unnecessary sidebar widget.

Update the contents:

It is required to regularly write for your blog and update the contents.

It is important that your domain having age limit of  at least 3 months old for websites based Asian and African countries.

simultaneously, it has stricter policies and high earning potential.

I got approved from these websites within one two days

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