How to use Medium vs Quora to drive Traffic to your Website

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In Quora, we can find a question that is getting more views, write super long answers and get thousands of views everyday. It is also provide information and learning, but not just to those that ask the question. how it can help to develop conversation that matters.Quora is guest blogging website that lets you post question and others will answer your question.

How does it work

It is a social networking site ,where questions are asked and answered. These are like or commented and edited on by quora’s community of users. some Quora users or even celebrities or other notable peoples .

following suggestions or explain how to use Quora as follows sign up for a free Quora account ,search for question ,and answer as a question by yourself, if you know how it to be answered help by answering for some others question.

Advantages of Quora

  • We will improve our knowledge base
  • enhance the communication skill
  • motivate someone by your answer it means helping hand of someone. It will expand your thinking level for answering. Quora’s moderations are far better than that of the medium.

Similar to Google’s pagerank

Quora has developed on proprietary algorithm to rank answers ,which is similar to Google’s pagerank .currently, Quora has different ways to recommend questions to users.

Quora help with blogging

It is good platform for Aspiring writers, if used systematically. after writing a blog ,you can take the post with relevant topic. The block post show up in the feed of any user following the topic.

This makes easy to talk with audience this provide the strong audience to your blog because Quora is full of knowledgeable celebrities and the intellectual people is always welcoming to the enthusiastic and interesting contents creating blog post on Quora is much easier. It can be created easily by some guidelines.

Some drawbacks about Quora

It will suck the major time. so much of the Quora users post silly questions and the send irrelevant PMs . The bookmark category of the Quora is difficult to manage. your famous writers not so well written answers.although it is thought provoking


Medium is an online publishing platform. It is a place to read articles on the internet. It is a blogging platform

How does medium work

First fall you will create a profile using your email account, and then do as follows:

  • write a story
  • create a Publication
  • follow your favourite authors
  • recommended stories
  • search for content
  • read the post of celebrities
  • share your stories
  • comment
  • import and publish them on medium

Advantages of medium

  • It’s SEO capabilities are good.
  • It gives excellent performance.
  • It is a social website.
  • you can receive claps from your audience it shows how you are liked by them and how famous you are.
  • It is easy to use the medium.
  • It has great fanatics and it is popular than the Quora.
  • It is a good place to share your story it is a great site for blogging

Similar sites to this medium

Similar sites to medium or Quora, your own wordpress blog, ghost pages, local media, shuffle pages,write as, page kit and Tumblr

Medium help blogging

It is a good option to writing .If you want to create a blog or personal portfolio, it is a best choice. medium has a plenty resources that make this platform splendid one and so combining them you will be able to create a beautiful personal blog for you or company. It is a good place to publish.

Disadvantages of medium

  • Publishing on medium has some drawbacks that is
  • less control
  • Analytics less potential for lead generation and
  • cannot leverage SEO.

About medium and quora:

Simply Quora is a website image for a question and answer and answers like funny and witty with logic. medium is a web portal it dominates for blogging.

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