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Oh! That is a memorable day for me.

Believe it or not I once earned $70 in a single day last year when I was earning well.

I don’t remember the date but it was sometime in July/August 2019.

As proof, here is a screen shot.

Of course this was just a lucky day for me. On other days during this period when everyone was earning well, I used to get between $20 and $24 per day. This $70 dollar earning was just like a winning lottery ticket on a lucky day when a lucky question went viral.

The good times did not last long. From next month onward the decline in earnings started and progressed rapidly downwards till it hit the bottom in Feb 2020 and has since then stayed at the bottom for me.

I still earn in 70s these days on an average but the currency is in cents, not dollars.

How much do I earn from Quora per day?

Last year I used to earn between 10 and 20 dollars per day, sometimes going up to 24 dollars in a day. I earned a total of about $4,000 last year in 12 months. The maximum in a single month was 744 dollars.

The maximum ever in a single lucky day was $70 but that was a freak.

The average earning was about 330 dollars per month last year.

This year starting from Feb 2020, I am earning about $1 a day on an average.

These earnings were through the QPP program. The reduced earning was consequent to Quora changing the rules for payment in the last week of January 2020.

From June 15th 2020, I have begun earning through Quora Spaces also.

In two weeks I have earned a grand total of 25 cents.

I hope this finally satisfies the tremendous curiosity many people have about how much I earn through Quora. All those who were jealous of my earnings last year may please feel pity for me this year! I also hope I get no more private messages on this subject.

How much does Quora pay for one question?

It depends on how much revenue your question generates for Quora.

They give you a share of whatever your question earns from ad impressions that are actually clicked on.

So there is no maximum amount. Most questions earn nothing.

The average question these days asked by an average partner, after earning for a whole year earns the partner an average of 9 cents these days.

See this screen capture from my dashboard.

This value was much higher last year. But this year they changed the algorithm for calculating payments and the earnings for all have fallen sharply

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