How to transfer Domain name from Godaddy to Bluehost

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               I will show you in this article is how to transfer domain from godaddy to bluehost.

Firstly, go to godaddy account and click on manage for the domain you want to transfer. Disable  domain lock.

After this get authentication code.

Transfer process:

  • Log in to bluehost.
  • Go to domain manage.
  • Now, click transfer.
  • Enter the domain you want to transfer.
  • Bluehost will check the status of  your domain to transfer.

Verification code

  • If it is not approved, Enter the auth code and click ‘continue.’
  • Next, we have emailed the admin verification code to the registrant. Enter that code and click ‘continue and set your renewal preference.
  • Finally, check the box agreeing to the terms & service then click add to cart.

Renew the domain

  • ICANN requires the gaining registrar to renew the domain for one year upon transfer which you will see in the shopping cart. Process the payment to initiate the transfer.
  • After this, transfer your database, if your website uses a database, it will have to transfer all files also. To do this, Log in to  php my admin. Export database from GoDaddy, and export database from godaddy , and click export. Keep format as SQL and select the database names to transfer.
  • Now, import the  database into your bluehost.
  • In bluehost Cpanel click the php my admin. Then navigate to bluehost ‘database tools’ section and click on php my admin, create new database here. Then click on “Import.”
  • Selet the SQL file and click go.

Hope this helps!

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