6 Tips for Upgrading Your SEO Marketing Strategy

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SEO is an ever-changing marketing technique, which means that it’s critical to stay up to date on the latest best practices. Search engine algorithms are continuously changing, and new tactics emerge all the time. That said, some tried-and-true common sense SEO strategies can help you boost your website presence in search engines like Google over time; you can also take advice from SEO companies such as San Jose SEO experts can guide you with expert strategies for your digital marketing business. 

Here are six tips for how you can upgrade your business’ SEO strategy:

Tip #1: Update Your Website With Current Keywords

Back then, keywords that were related to technology would be “flash” or “javascript,” while today they have evolved into 2 of the most competitive keywords online – “SEO” and “Facebook app development.”  As a result, it’ll take a lot of hard work and consistency to rank for these terms if not done properly.

To avoid this, use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Wordtracker to help you find out the trending search keywords currently being used. See which are suitable for your website and then incorporate them into your website’s content.

Tip #2: Start A Blog And Post New Content every week

One great way to get more organic traffic is by having a blog on your site. The search engine algorithms have evolved so much that they now give higher weightage to sites with regular fresh content than those without one. As an SEO marketer, this should be something you should work at!

A good practice is to post new content once every week. Not only would you help visitors find what they’re looking for, but you’ll also attract more search engine spiders (machines that crawl through your website and index its contents) which means more traffic.

Tip #3: Utilize Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great tools for SEO marketer to get their brand out there. They allow you to directly interact with customers and help promote your website through sharing links.

If not done properly, it can do more harm than good because people online aren’t stupid; If all you do is constantly promote links without any value, then expect them not to take it seriously and ignore or block you altogether. You need to provide compelling content relevant to your website and attract more organic traffic.

Tip #4: Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

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With so many people nowadays owning smartphones, it will affect SEO and how they access the internet. A study conducted by Google revealed that more than 50% of online searches are made through mobile devices, and with 60% of Twitter posts made via mobile devices having links to websites, this sets a good chance for you to capture these potential clients.

Tip #5: Give Your Website A Professional Look And Feel

With the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms, you must keep updated with the latest trends. One way of doing this is by revising your website design and making it more modern. For example, try adding neutral ones to look outdated a few months down the line instead of using bright colors.

There are also SEO companies out there who offer free or paid website audits where they will give you suggestions on what changes you could make to your site that’ll help improve its ranking. There are no pushy techniques used, just straightforward advice you can take up if you feel beneficial for your website.

Tip #6: Be More Social And Accessible To Clients

If your only form of business is to rely on organic traffic, then there’s a high chance that it won’t be sustainable because, as we all know, organic traffic has its ups and downs. To create more opportunities for you to reach out to potential clients, try adding social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to your site. Doing this will help convert viewers into customers and allow them to connect with you directly anytime they want.

Wrapping Up!

The tips mentioned above will help you improve your SEO marketing strategy and attract more organic traffic to your site. Always remember that people online are picky, so if you don’t have interesting content, then forget about capturing their attention; they’ll leave without doing anything at all! So do engage visitors with high-quality content and watch them flock in not only today but also in the months and years ahead!

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