5 Tips to Write SEO friendly Blog Posts or Article

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        Content writing is a form of online writing which is closely linked to the marketing campaigns.

Content writer:

       Website content writer is a person who will visit in creating content related to this website. All website has a  specific target audience and requires the most relevant content to attack business. Their contents should contain keywords, that looks like improving the websites SEO.

How to a write content effectively and efficiently:

    The content must enjoy and entertain by the people. And most of all the readers want to read your content. Use your own voice to write. write content in your style. you will write for your audience not for yourself. so, first watch comments,email ,posted by audience about your website. This is because they will easily understand your language.

when you use the language your audience uses. Focus on effective and efficient headlines.

you know one thing. focus on headlines for what? Because 80 percent of people read headlines, they scan it quickly, hunting what they want in your content, provide proof, Be technically correct, hire a  copywriter or proofreader

Content should be in following forms:

Length of a sentence:

The average sentence length is 20 words. The sentence length will determine the readability of your writing as much as any other quality. The longest sentence create a sense of less relaxation or time draggingto the readers. Use short sentences as much as possible.

Due to the use of short sentences, we keep the reader’s attention and we will send the information to the readers in an interesting way. And also, readers remember what did we say in our content.

Transition words:

        Transition words are conjuctions that join words, phrases or clauses together. for instance ,words like “and” “but” and “or” can connect two sentences together.Two sentences become a single sentence, when we use transition words or phrases.

Why we use transition words in sentence

      The link  the sentences and paragraphs together smoothly.If you want your contact to read like continuous or argument which transition helps to promote.

The great writers use more transition words in the paragraph. Transition words make readers read a paragraph with relaxation and smooth. At least 30 percent of transition words recommended using in the sentences.

Promote readability score

Transition words helps the readability ranks. many types of transition are there like to two part ,single word  for grading the readability score. mostly two oart transition are used like
   1.neither, nor
   2.either ,or
   3.if, then
   4.both, and
   5.not only ,but also
   6.not., but
   But our main purpose is not only grading readability of our post but also make the post easier to understand for our readers.

Passive voice:

      About 20 % of passive are advised to use in sentence. Because passive voice is used to hide the actor from the Reader. sometimes, it  lead too awkward sentence. passive voice does not create the emotional feeling between author and reader.

It creates emotional distance. so, our information can’t reach the readers effectively. This is the reason why less percentage of the passive voice used in a sentence.

Active voice:

    The main purpose of use of active voice in a sentence are as follows.

    1. The sentence contains fewer words, which makes the writing much easier and more engaging reading.
    2. Active voice is concise and efficient than passive voice.
    3. create a faster-moving narrative
    4. Importantly, it helps to prevent grammatical mistakes.
    5. It is a powerful sentence.
    6. mostly, active voice is used in the sentence .active voice makes the reading much easier and our audience to understand and also engaging and promote the readability score of our post.

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