Top Best free Product Review Websites for consumers and Business

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  First of all, one of the easiest ways to do so and also make money online writing great online product reviews.

It is most important for online marketers including affiliates also. No matter what we buy or sell in online.

But most consumers including ourself  also, before purchase anything we read some reviews about the product.

Actually 90 + consumer is first read reviews and  after they are only buy or sell theie products.

Before writing reviews, one important thing to learn how to write product reviews. And next step you will write and make money.

1. Quora:

             Quora is an online knowledge market.

It was in the question and answers forum. only knowledgeable people are experiencing people only put answer to relevant questions.

It is also one of the best product review sites.

everyone can learn and ask for knowledge .

users can generate income for their views accordingly for their content.

Quora’s viewership is constantly growing.

Here membership is free and it is a unique platform.

2. Amazon customer reviews:

               You know one thing, Amazon is a first online platform that put submitting product reviews back in 1995.

This hugely helps customers to make more purchasing decisions.

The some rules are available in Amazon customer review, that is so simple that are you will find product reviews if a product is available in Amazon.

Apart from reading text review, products are symbolically  marked with 5 star rating scale.

Basically, this Star Was a customers opinion about the product.

3.Google my business:

              It was a local listings. you can use for finding your local services.

It offers best small and local business listings to get in front of potential.

4.Facebook ratings and reviews:

        It was also  one of the review site available at Facebook. It was  also worthy one.

5. Test freaks:

           It was a Swedish review platform. Nowadays, it was a collection of reviews from 60 countries across the world.

It was one of the fast growing company. you find reviews about electronics not for software or  apps.

presently, this review platform was not only used by online stores in some countries around the world but also by leading International brands.

It also has a  price comparison list.


         This review platform is about software product.

It is used by 3 million users every month, through this you can interact with your audience to your website.

7.Angie’s list :

              It was popular among Americans.

angie’s list collect product reviews on 720 plus house hold related  services.

It was one of the most trusted one.

users pay monthly membership on the platform to get online product reviews.

more than 6 million households nationwide check Angie’s list to find the best local service providers such as a doctor, dentist, plumber, etc

8. Choice:

      It almost like angie’s list.

But it is leading in Australia. choice allows their members to submit product reviews.

And also allow to check the products in many categories by their representatives.

They give up honest opinion about that products and services.

This membership was paid. reveals your product in this platform is most beneficial.

9.G2 crowd:

        This platform give reviews that are based on subjective opinion and real-life experiences with the products.

Additionally, G2 crowd is useful for its comparison  section.

It was most useful to users.

It was growing B2B software for selling, it is great place for that.

10. Trust radius:

        It is a similar product review platform to the G2 crowd. It was also targeted toward B2B software.

Even more, it is connected to LinkedIn.

There are several filters available on the platform. you can compare this with one category.

It was a software review websites.

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