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 Join upwork was not hard. It is too simple one. Mostly, everyone over the age of 18 who has an Internet connection can apply to join. Although not all applications are approved, we’re proud to support a thriving network of global freelancers in over 180 countries.

Regardless of where you are living, you are responsible to comply with any work authorization requirements you may have. Unfortunately, we do not offer universal service to all international locations.

We are not able to advise you on whether you can use Upwork except in the specific restriction cases below.

In compliance with U.S. Law, Upwork does not conduct business with individuals and entities on a list called the Specially Designated Nationals (“SDN”) list.  In addition, there may be other companies or individuals we do not currently include in our service areas. 

If you have suspended or blocked in past days in upwork,your new account also blocked and once again cannot use upwork.

Successful freelancers have profiles that are complete, accurate, and paint a compelling picture of your services, skills, and accomplishments. Your profile is an opportunity to advertise your freelance business to potential clients.

An application is needs to join Upwork. Once you have submitted, we typically take 24 hours to review your application and they will give notification for you through email.

lf your application is approved or declined.

If we find that our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for you based on your combination of skills and experience, your application to join Upwork won’t be accepted.

 They invite you to update your profile and re – apply if you feel that you have more relevant skills or experience to add that may have been left off your initial application.

What makes a great profile application?

   Your profile tells about who you are. So, freelancers give so much of importance for profile pictures. How to make a great profile tips as follows:?

Completing your profile doesn’t just give clients the info they need, it also helps Upwork match you with more relevant projects.

What does a top profile look like?

Start your profile be like a professionally simple. That are most related to your skillset and set an hourly rate that reflects your skills and experience level. You can search Upwork to get an idea of what freelancers in similar industries are billing. They show some skills to develop and enhance your profile as follows:



Skills will help to clients find easy way:

These skills help to enhance clients. your skills help you to relevant project.but upwork has many skills. That help you to know your strength.Project description will help to focus your own profile. Skills :

1.Translation English to Chinese

2. Translation Chinese to English

Choose a profile photo:

At the time of selecting profile photo, keep the following words in minds. First of all, your profile picture tells about who you are, it creates feeling of trust in client’s mind. Because a picture is worth of thousand words. Your lighting areas be like in nature. Your background effect not be so much of brightness or any contrasting colors.

 It would be in simple attractive manner. Clients find smiling freelancers more attract, trustworthy and friendly one. Put picture of only include your head and shoulder. Put your photo which you are directly face the camera as your profile.

 Have someone take your photo for you, or set up a tripod and take the photo yourself, and select the highest resolution to help ensure a crisp photo. Consider taking multiple photos, in several locations and with different poses, so you’ll have a variety to choose from.

Successful freelancers have profiles that are complete, accurate, and paint a compelling picture of your services, skills, and accomplishments. Your profile is an opportunity to advertise your freelance business to potential clients. A 100% complete profile is required if you’d like to achieve Rising Talent status, Top Rated status and access to Premium Services.

Coming up with a title may seem simple, but it’s a potentially powerful tool that’s often overlooked by freelancers.

 Why is it so important? Because when a client finds your profile in search, your title is the first thing they’ll see.

Your overview isn’t entirely visible until someone checks out your profile, but since it’s at the top of your profile it’s also a highly visible part of your marketing. Use it to introduce yourself.

Create an introduction video:

It can be difficult to establish a personal connection through a written profile. In case you finding new clients, the profile is an important factor. Adding an introduction video to your profile can be a great way to quickly build a bond with clients by providing a more interactive preview of your unique characteristics and what it’ll be like to work with you. Need inspiration before get started.

Feature your best work

Choose pieces that reflect your niche and help prove your specialization. If your skills aren’t particularly visual, try to find creative ways to explain the challenge behind each sample and how your work had an impact. mostly, create a portfolio. Through this you can show your quality of your work.

 Certification list:

your earnings can help to prove your specific knowledge or abilities, particularly if they relate to specific systems or software your clients may look for.

To help connect with clients who may be looking for language skills that are not your native language, consider adding certifications that reflect your proficiency in that language helps boost your chances of making a connection.

Add your extra details like employment history :

Clients can easily understand your background, both on and off Upwork and also you add your employment history this will help to clients.

You can start by adding a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments in your previous roles. pay attention to specific projects that relate to the type of projects you are looking for now.

 As your freelance business grows, consider adding new entries for a few of your most impressive projects to help reconfirm your credibility.

If you don’t have a traditional employment history, you can add your achievements or about skills in your present freelancing employment. Simply, illustrate this.

Include what you study and other experiences:

Your knowledge doesn’t just stem from your previous work experience! Your education and other activities — such as volunteer positions, mentorship programs, online courses, and other extracurricular activities — can also help to shape what you do and how you present yourself online.

Consider including a detailed description of each relevant education item by listing the institution’s name and program in chronological order, beginning with the most recent one.

Other experiences may include research projects, competitions, or other interests that could help illustrate your value.

Example: “Other experiences” for Data Science (Kat C., Las Vegas/NV).

Additional tips to make your profile stand out

   May be you saw any other professional freelancer profile. But your profile should like unique and simple.

Consider the following additional tips

  • Your profile can help your clients.
  • Be consistent with your strongest skills.
  • Help to establish trust and confidence by completing all sections about your overview, work, history.
  • Be concise and straightforward in your language
  • Proofread each section carefully and update your profile regularly
  • Track your reputation by taking action on non-active contracts—and if you are Top Rated, exercising more control over your JSS score
  • If you have inactive profile that means it was private, you should update that.
  • Link other professional accounts in your profile settings to help Upwork match you better to jobs
  • Keep a perfect responsiveness score by replying quickly to invitations and messages.
  • Update your profile to “available” when you are, so you receive invites. When you’re not, set your profile to “not available” to avoid the nuisance of responding and don’t risk hurting your responsiveness score.

And before you publish your profile, ask friends to give you feedback. Another good tactic is to read your profile out loud: It’s a great way to see if your profile flows well, has a nice rhythm, and sounds like you


  Daily  how much freelancers, upwork receives ?:

     While we would like to offer every qualified freelancer a spot, admission is highly competitive as Upwork receives more than 10,000 freelancer registrations daily. To help ensure that the freelancers we accept have the best chance at finding opportunities on our platform, we can only accept a small percentage of those who want to join.

Eligibility to Join and Use Upwork

A 100% complete profile is required if you’d like to achieve Rising Talent status, Top Rated status and access to Premium Services.

You can find your profile completion percentage on the right-hand panel of your page under My Profile.  

Whether and how you complete your profile is up to you, many combinations can be used to achieve a 100% complete profile

These items are all required to be able to reach 60%. You can’t complete your profile if you’re missing any of these five.

Profile Photo Profile Title  Profile Overview Employment History At Least 1 Skill Tag    60%

Skill tests are no longer available. Freelancers who took skill tests previously will not have their profile completion percentages affected by this change.

Can I use any combination to get to 100%?

There are many ways to get to 100%, but some items are required. To reach 60% you’ll need a photo, title, overview, at least one employment history item, and at least one skill tag. Any combination of the other choices can then be used to reach 100%.

Below are examples of pathways to a complete profile:

+60% (60%)Profile Photo Profile Title Profile Overview Employment History At Least 1 Skill Tag
+10% (70%)Additional Employment History
+20% (90%)2 X Education
+10% (100%)2 X Portfolio Items
100%Complete Profile
+60% (60%)Profile Photo Profile Title Profile Overview Employment History At Least 1 Skill Tag
+10% (70%)Profile Video
+10% (80%)Education
+15% (95%)3 X Portfolio Items
+5% (100%)Certification
100%Complete Profile

About price protection:

Upwork Fixed-Price Protection uses escrow to help ensure that your clients get the work they’ve asked for and you get paid for work completed.

Under this program, clients making fixed-price offers deposit a milestone payment into escrow before you begin working.

Upon receiving and approving the work, your client releases the payment to you.

Track Fixed-Price Contracts

Fixed-Price contracts can be tracked using the Upwork Desktop App but they do not qualify for Hourly Protection, they only qualify for Fixed-Price Protection.

To turn on tracking for fixed-price contracts

  • Click the Settings option from the menu
  • Select the Advanced option from the menu
  • Turn on Track Time on Fixed-Price Projects

Important: For tracking purposes only, time logged on fixed price contracts.

Define and Pre-Fund Milestones

Before any work begins, you and your client will agree on certain work milestones and how much you’ll get paid for completing each.

  • You can define, submit, and get paid for one chunk of work at a time, or plan out all milestones ahead of time.
  • For larger projects, a small first milestone can be a good practice to allow you and your client to work together and earn each other’s trust before continuing on with the project.
  • Before you start working on a milestone, your client will pre-fund the payment for that milestone into an escrow account.
  • We collect this escrow deposit to confirm your client’s ability to pay, but payment is dependent on your client’s satisfaction with your work
  • Please note that only the money that’s held in escrow is secure. Upwork can’t help you collect any funds that have been promised but not deposited to escrow. Therefore, it’s important that the amount held in escrow is appropriate for the work you will perform for that milestone

Submit your project Work

Please discuss with your client more time how you’ll deliver your files or other work product. You can send files using Upwork’s collaboration tools or use whatever third-party solutions you prefer.

To submit a milestone for approval:

  1. After log in. Go to my jobs and click Request Milestone Approval
  2. Write a message to your client describing the work
  3. You can also add an attachment or include a link to the work. This isn’t required, but it’s important that your client has some way to review your work once you submit it for approval
  4. Click the Submit Request button. Your client will be notified you have submitted work for their approval. You will be notified when they approve payment or request changes

Review & Approve Milestones:

Once you submit your work, your client will review and either approve the milestone or ask for changes.

  • The client has 14 days from the most recent submission on a milestone to review and approve or request changes. Approval releases the payment from escrow to you
  • If your client doesn’t respond to any milestone submission within 14 days, the deposit is automatically released to you
  • You may file an escrow disputes if the client refuses to release funds for a completed milestone. Escrowed funds won’t be released back to the client unless you approve their return or undergo dispute mediation

Important: If you re-submit a milestone, the process above resets and your client will have 14 days to review the milestone from the time you re-submitted it.

Qualifying for Fixed-Price Protection

All escrowed funds are covered by Fixed-Price Protection.

  • Protection won’t cover milestone payments in excess of the amount in escrow, funds from unverified payment methods, or additional amounts that are discussed or promised between you and your clients.

 Create unique profile:

        Through unique profile, you can tailor your unique skills to your audience on Upwork and create variations of your profile.That showcase your experience within many divisions.

For instance, you can segregate the work you’ve done as a mobile game developer from your work as a translator or graphic designer.

Edit Profile

You can always update or edit your profile information.

  • Unpublish: Hides your specialized profile so only you can see it
  • remove: Completely removes your specialized profile (cannot be recovered)
  • Edit: Each section of a profile will have an Edit or Add option that allows you to make updates and changes. You can switch between profiles at the top to edit the parts that are customized to that profile view.
  • Switch Specialty: Perhaps you want to switch your profile listing from “Accounting” to “Bookkeeping.” Under profile settings, select the option to Switch Specialty, then confirm with the Unpublish & Continue button. The wizard will guide you through the update.
  •  If you only have one specialized profile, you will not see the option to delete it. You can always choose to unpublish it or edit the information.

Upwork skill certification:

This represents proficiency in one or more skills on your Upwork profile. Currently, these certifications are only available for certain skills in Web, Mobile & Software Development and Design & Creative fields.

 Currently, Upwork Skill Certifications are offered by invitation only.


 If you Passing an Upwork Skill Certification offers the following benefits:

  • An Upwork Skill Certification displayed on your profile to all clients
  • A one-time bonus of 40 Connects
  • Priority for invitations to submit proposals to jobs assisted by talented ones.

 Payment discussion:

When your earnings from your clients become available depends on the type of payment:

  • Hourly contracts are basically in weekly billing period. The weekly billing period ends on Sunday, your funds are available for withdrawal 10 days later . Some contracts are eligible for faster payments.
  • Fixed-priced contracts are based on milestones. Once the client approves a milestone your funds are available for withdrawal after a five-day security period has passed.
  • Bonus payments are available after your client’s payment has been successfully processed and the five-day security period has passed.

In order to access your earnings, you’ll need to add a payment method and set your tax status. 

Note: All agency contracts are paid to the agency’s account. You’ll need to arrange payment from your agency directly.

Select How You Get Paid:

There are many ways to withdrawal funds. Upwork offers a number of choices for withdrawing your funds. With the following payment methods you can withdraw directly to your bank account:

  • Direct to U.S bank(ACH) Free
  • Direct to Local bank– $0.99 per transfer
  • U.S dollar wire transfer – $30 per transfer
  • Instant pay for U.S freelancers – $2.00 per transfer

We also offer the following third-party payment vendors:

  • paypal
  • payoneer
  • m- pesa (Kenya only)

The availability of payment methods varies by country and there may be incoming fees at some banks. The options available to you will be displayed when you add a payment method. Consider comparing costs and access options in your country before selecting a method.

Note: If you are withdrawing directly to your bank account, the beneficiary name on your bank account must match your verified name  on Upwork. Exceptions may be made for transgender users and common name changes, i.e. Robert to Bob. If your payment method was flagged for a name mismatch, please contact support to resolve the issue or add a new payment method.

To Set Up a Payment Method

For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three calendar days. Be sure to double check your account number(s) and details carefully. Accurate entry of these details is your responsibility and essential for successful withdrawals.

  1. Go to settings  ›  Get paid
  2. Click Add Method
  3. Click the Set Up button for your chosen method and enter the information
  4. Choose a payment schedule and click next

. Consider setting up a second payment method as a backup, just in case your first one isn’t available for some reason. You can add as many as you want and make changes as needed.

Automatic Payment Schedules

Once you have set up a payment method your available balance will then be disbursed to your preferred payment method automatically according to your chosen payment schedule. You can also withdraw your available funds manually at any time.

Withdraw Your Earnings Manually

You can also withdraw your available balance at any time using the “Get Paid Now” option.

  1.  Go to the settings   ›   Get paid
  2. Click the Get Paid Now button.
  3. Choose the amount to withdrwal
  4. Click get paid your button.

To Edit Payment Information

Go to settings  ›  Get paid

  1.  Under Payment Methods, find the one you want to edit
  2. Click Edit from the (…) options menu
  3. Edit your information and click Save Changes

Email addresses, bank account numbers, and bank codes can’t be edited. You must add a new payment method if these change. Don’t forget to remove the old payment method at that time, too.

To Remove a Payment Method

  1. Go to settings> getpaid
  2. Under Payment Methods, find which you want to remove
  3. Select Remove from the (…) options menu

 Payments for hourly contract:

 Hourly contracts may be covered by upwork hourly protection. By weekly billing cycle, Your client is automatically invoiced and billed for the hours you log .

However, if you log time over the weekly limit you and your client originally agreed to it won’t be invoiced to your client, but they can see it in your Work Diary.

All time logged in your Work Diary, whether tracked or added as manual time, is automatically invoiced to your client using the schedule below.

  • 1 -Week  – You log time using the Upwork Desktop App (Time Tracker)
  • 2 -Week  – Your time is invoiced to your client on Monday and they have until Friday to review your work
  • 3 -Week  – Earnings become available on the following Wednesday

Weekly Payment

A weekly payment is an automatic, recurring payment for a specific amount. The client is invoiced this amount each week in addition to the billable hours in your Work Diary.

Unlike the hours you bill in your Work Diary, weekly payments do not undergo a review period and they become available after the standard five-day security period.

When can I withdraw my earnings?

The weekly billing period from Monday at 00:00 midnight UTC and till Sunday at 23:59 UTC, at which point your earnings are in review. After this, there is a five-day security period also available which your earnings, less Upwork fees, will become available for withdrawal.  

How do I withdraw my earnings?

 To withdraw your earnings or setup a payment method

  1. Go to your accountsettings
  2. Open the get paid tab
  3. Click get paid now button

To withdraw payment, you must first add a payment method

How do I request the Weekly Payment be changed?

The weekly payment terms are set in the advanced options when the client makes you a contract offer.

 To add, remove, or change the amount of your weekly payment, your client must end your contract and rehire you with different terms

Get Paid for Fixed-Price Contracts:

This is be like mentioned above.

Fixed-price contracts are covered by upwork fixed protection. Your client places funds into escrow when they set up a milestone.

 When you submit a milestone deliverable, your client is able to review your work and direct us to release payment.

Your client can choose to release the full amount, more, or less than the escrow deposit, or ask you for changes to the work product.

However, funds in escrow cannot be returned to your client until the contract is complete and you agree to the refund or you go through dispute resolution.

Confirmation of Services :

Freelancers in Ukraine, Freelancers in Russia and other countries where applicable For any wire transfers to registered Private Entrepreneur bank accounts such as those in Russia, Belarus and other countries.

Upwork payroll:

 Instead of an independent contractor, Some clients on Upwork may choose to classify their freelancer as an employee. This can be for a variety of reasons, including the need for a set working schedule and a long-term relationship. If you are classified as an employee for such a project, you will be referred to a third-party staffing agency through the Upwork Payroll solution and employed by that vendor.

As with other clients you work with on Upwork, you will agree upon a rate before the contract starts and you will communicate directly with your client on project-related matters.

How Upwork Payroll will contracts differ from other Upwork contracts

  • All Upwork Payroll contracts are hourly
  • With Upwork Payroll contracts you will log your time with the staffing agency instead of the Upwork Desktop App
  • Your contract will be marked as “paused” in Upwork to prevent duplicate reporting of hours and payments, this will not affect your Job Success Score
  • Your earnings from Upwork Payroll contracts will reflect in your Upwork profile, however, the number of hours worked will not
  • All contractual matters relating to your employment will be relayed through the staffing agency.

Get start staffing agency:

The staffing agency will send you notify about getting setup, logging your hours, benefits where applicable, and getting paid. The agency will be your point of call for any questions you may have before starting, and throughout the duration of your contract.

What you’ll receive from the staffing agency:

The staffing agency gives specific details of your benefits and entitlements. Generally, staffing vendors in the U.S. provide Workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance (in accordance with ACA), and an overtime payment agreement. If you’re based outside the U.S. you’ll enjoy the same legal rights as any other employee in your country.

Payment methods:

This is also mentioned above clearly. Direct to Local Bank service lets you withdraw your earnings from Upwork directly to your bank account, in your local currency. The system works like a global version of direct deposit, and can be the fastest and least expensive payment method for many Upwork users.

Direct to Local Bank Currencies

Direct link to  Local Bank currency  is available in a wide range of international currencies. Find yours on the list below.

Account Name

The name on your bank account must match your verified name on Upwork. If your payment method was flagged for a name mismatch.

Add a Local Bank Account

To add a local bank account: 

  1. Go to settings › get paid
    1. Click Add Method
    1. Click the Set Up button for your chosen method
    1. Enter your bank account details including bank codes.
    1. Choose a payment schedule and click Next

For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three days.

It’s essential that you enter your bank information, including bank codes correctly. Any errors could result in a failed transfer or delay. If you’ve exceeded the character limit on the Name on Account field, please contact your bank to use an appropriate abbreviation.

You should also contact your bank if you’re not sure you have the correct information, or if you received an error when you tried to enter it in our system. Upwork charges $0.99 per Direct to Local Bank withdrawal. Any additional restrictions, timing regulations, and fees vary depending on your bank.




PayPal service is one of the approved payment methods on the Upwork platform. To use PayPal, you must make sure that your verified name on Upwork matches the name on your PayPal account.

 If you haven’t verified your name yet, be sure that your profile name matches the name on your PayPal account.

  1. Go to settings  ›  get paid
  2. Click Add Method
  3. Click the Set Up button for your chosen method
  4. Confirm your Upwork and PayPal accounts use the same email address (if needed, update in your Upwork contact info)
    For agencies or users with multiple email accounts: when you connect your PayPal account to Upwork, PayPal will automatically use the email you have already set as your primary email on PayPal. This is the email address Upwork will use when referencing your PayPal account.
  5. You will be redirected to sign in to your PayPal account for verification
  6. Choose a payment schedule and click.



Payoneer allows you to transfer your earnings directly onto a Payoneer Debit MasterCard.

Add Payoneer

  1. Go to settings  ›  getpaid
  2. Click Add Method
  3. Click the Set Up button for your chosen method
  4. Complete the Payoneer registration process (either by creating a new account or logging in to add Upwork to an existing one)
  5. When you are finished, you will be automatically returned to the Upwork site
  6. Choose a payment schedule and click Next

For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three days. Remember that the name on your Payoneer account must match your name on Upwork. 

Earnings Reports 

Reports give you information on your earnings, hours, and payments. You can use reports to audit your overall work on Upwork and to export or print summaries of your activity. Several different reports are available depending on what you are trying to measure. Similar to the Upwork weekly billing cycle, reports are tracked using UTC.

Find your reports

  • Go to reports, in that  area choose the report that suits your needs

Manual changes may take a few hours to reach all reports. Time logged with the Upwork Desktop App will appear more quickly.

  • Transaction history – Itemized history of all earnings and payments
  • Earnings by clients – Earnings breakdown by year, quarter, or month, by contract
  • Lifetime billing by client – Total earnings over the lifetime of your contracts, by client
  • Certificate of earnings – Downloadable PDF of last 12 months earnings

Your contracts with an agency won’t show earnings in any report because they’re paid to the agency, not directly to you. But you will still have full access to reports of your hours. The agency’s business managers can access the full reports.

Certificate of Earnings

When you need documentation for a loan, apartment rental, healthcare, travel, etc., we recommend you download a Certificate of Earnings report.

 In some cases, you may also need to print and provide a signed user agreement. To view your certification of earnings.

  • Go to Reports › Certificate of Earnings 
  • The report will generate a PDF file you can save, email, or print

The Certificate of Earnings report calculates your earnings for the past one, three, six, and twelve months based on the date selected.

It does not contain or include service fees.

The date was cannot adjustable one.

The report will include your name, address, profile title, URL, and a statement explaining that you are a freelancer through our platform

View invoices:

The invoices include the Upwork service fee. If an invoice spans two fee tier, it will show a blended, effective fee rate.

 For instance, if an invoice were for $200 with $100 at the 20% fee tier and $100 at the 10% fee tier, the blended rate would be a 15% fee.

To get an official invoice

  1. Reports › transaction history.
  2. Find the item you need
  3. Click the Reference ID, and then click View Invoice

To bulk download invoices and receipts

  1. Go to Reports › transaction history
  2. It will show a 30-day window by default — the maximum timeframe for bulk download is one month
  3. .Click the  Download Invoices button.

 Invoices are for record-keeping purposes only. The finance system charges a client’s billing method automatically.

Invoices include your client’s company name, company owner’s name, and company contact address.

If they have a VAT number, that will also be included. Your name will always be included. 

This is optional, if you interested, You may also choose to provide an invoicing address.

You can add your invoice address in settings ›contact info.

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