11 Ways To Make Money From Blog

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Want to hire yourself from a blogger to a pro blogger?

Want to cultivate money from your blog?

The following are some of the simplest and quickest (comparatively) ways to monetize your website.

Blogging is one of the ways to present your thoughts, ideologies, and experience to the world. There are bloggers who only write for passion and write what they love.

But there could be more spice added into blogging when you are able to make money from your blog.

There are few bloggers who earn a lot just from blogging; initially we don’t get enough earnings. After your website get enough traffic and good number of readers, your blog is ready to get monetized. Nothing happens overnight, every big thing takes time to happen.


Allowing advertisements in your blog is the most common and popular way followed. There are various forms of advertisements available to be featured in your blog which include the most common advertisement GoogleAdsense after that there would be private ads. If your blog has high traffic you will be giving a banner space on your blog. These ads pay you per view or per click on the ad by your reader. Beyond banners you can sell links.

You can also use content blockers instead of ad space as most of the users use ad blockers, these content blockers gets permission from the user to display the ad.


Most of the blogging sites post reviews about related products. Nowadays everyone is reviewing products even in their personal social media pages.

The way to make money from a normal review post is by doing a paid review where the product manufacturer pay you to write a review about their product and give a link description to that product site, here you can earn from both the review and by selling the link just like selling the ad space.

For example, if your blog is about pets you can write a sponsored review on a particular dog food, such a way that it is related to your readers and profitable to you as well.

Also leave a segment in your blog as a rent for others to write reviews on your wall.


Building a good relationship with your advertisers and sponsors is very important while doing affiliated marketing.

This affiliated marketing is the tactics used by product manufactures to attract customers for which you write an article linking their product.

You will receive commission whenever a consumer directed from your blog buys that product.

A point to keep in mind is even though you are writing an article for affiliated marketing, you should not only concern about marketing you should give an honest review for your precious readers.

Giving fake reviews could break the trust of your readers on you and your blog. Thus, before accepting a sponsor you should personally find their product useful for your readers.


There is a bunch of people always ready to learn from their very own place, don’t want to move anywhere.

These people always wish to learn something new irrespective of its difficulty level.

You can offer a package of 7 week course in which they could learn one skill per week or you can launch the entire package at once so that readers could learn in their own pace.

You can also continue this set of package by providing the next skill set with a higher difficulty level, so that your readers who complete the first skill will be engaged with the second skill thus, you don’t lose readers that easily.


Yes, for monetizing your blog you can sell your other skills like public speaking, counseling, surveys, designing, and teaching etc.,

similar to the affiliated marketing here you place yourself in place of your partner.

You can write an article about a theme and link a video of your public speaking with it. Not only providing small links, you can also offer paid webinars, hereby converting your additional skills into profit.

Not only in your own blog, you can also make money by writing for others in their blog with pay. You can earn more than what you imagine as a paid blogger, you can earn full-time money as a part-time freelance blogger.


You can make your blog a marketing media for your own products. If you are writing a blog about sports, you can place the link of your sport equipments in the blog.

Not only products, you can sell e-books, software, apps, books, art etc. thereby converting your readers into consumers.

Beyond physical products and equipment so you can also provide services, such as car servicing from your automobile blog etc.


If you have a well-developed website, people are ready to buy it. It is just like web development taken into the next level.

You create a website, post your content, after your website hits enough traffic to earn about $40 per month, it can be sold out for $4000.

This is one of the quickest ways to earn money from a blog.

But after that you want to start over again from the root. Earning money from the next website in a similar way eats your time and hard work.


This method had become most popular now. Create a premium section in your blog, making your readers pay for viewing that section. This premium section should contain more precise and more useful information which will not be available online in any other site. The content of the premium section should worth for their money.

If you are offering an online course, you can give extra tutorial for premium members which should be worth buying.


When your site has lesser traffic and there is no other way of monetization but still you have constant users you can ask your users to donate as much as they want to your site. This may not give you a huge profit but still it can give you minimum money for the maintenance of your site.

Many open source software sites ask their users to donate for the software as they wish.


Going with the trend is like just copying what others are doing. You can be a trend setter when your site has enough traffic but as a beginner you should fit in with the crowd to gain more subscription.

Getting along the trend and copying others alone will never gain traffic, instead your content on the current affair should be unique and must be attractive.


First get the contact of your readers and create an email list used for your email marketing. This email marketing technique will send your readers an instant update on your recent post. This may bring back your lost readers.

You can’t make money from email marketing, this only brings traffic to your site where you have other means of marketing to earn money.


New bloggers struggle to make money from blogging because they think they can really make money directly from blogs, but the actual truth is you can’t make money from your blog. You can only earn money from other sort of marketing using your blog as a medium.  

All of the above techniques will not be applicable to every blog. First analyse the stage of your blog and apply the methods accordingly. The most important thing is patience, nothing will happen overnight.

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