What is Freelancing and How to Do Become a Freelancer in India

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freelancing is one of the main source for income of many freelancers. many professionals like web designers and graphics designer, content writer especially from software and entertainment industry, will work mostly in freelancing.


it is way of working old style and very popular recent time in particular industries.

a professional can work independently in their or home anywhere wish to do the job and paid depend on the task and as well as professional experience.

freelancer have to complete the task with deadline assigned by project provider followed with requirements.

every freelance have own style and talent to perform a task.

Top Websites to Freelance for projects in india

  • upwork
  • freelancer
  • linkedin
  • glassdoor
  • peopleperhour
  • fiverr


As fresher you complete the project with deadline and submit no guarantee that you will be paid.

money that you getting for work purely depend on your skills and talent only never because of your beauty, wealth even degree.

if you are rich enough to tolerate failure, got good technical knowledge and convincing skills then, you are good to go.

freelance only capable for who wants to earn through skills by doing the job with quality as required by companies. fresher may have expected to be delay on hiring process.

want to grow economically, learn proper skills that relevant to your freelance career. it does matter on your career.

you must know one thing that you are going to do your freelancing meant to be compete with global freelancers.

we could not expect this freelance experience from course or YouTube tutorials. we have to work with professionals and many failures from cheaters after you going to gain.

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