WordPress vs Blogger 10 Reasons to Use WordPress is Best CMS Than Google Blogger?

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1. Take Control over your blog:

Blogger is Purely owned by Google, WordPress is a self-hosted blog . In WordPress, you have control over the blog and in Blogger it has limitations.

You know that where the posts are storing in the database and where your picture and video contents are storing file Directory Like wp-content.

To move your blog to another web hosting provider is so much easy than ever.

2. Search engine optimisation:

Comparing WordPress and BlogSpot, WordPress offers many features to optimize your blog for search engine and social media. SEO plugins to attach any functionality with ease. AMP Enable option in WordPress with Default that powers in Rank for Mobile SEO.

AMP SEO plugin is Now very popular Search Engine Displays the blog with Elegant and essential Design theme .
Lots of plugins are available in Free and Premium
You can do with the Plugins for SEO

1) Title
2) Description
3) Keyword
4) Og :url
5) Og: Description
6) Og: Title
7) Canonical
8) Different Schemea for Products , Reviews
9) Sitemaps
10) SEO Status

BlogSpot you are limited to Basic SEO Features such as two things followed.

1. Title
2. Description
3. Og :url
4. Og: Description
5. Og: Title
6. Canonical

3. Themes :

Theme must be create a design-driven, aesthetically sophisticated & visitors based user experience . you can Built Easy with visual composer (Drag & Drop interface), this theme puts the time to make and shape your blog in how you want to convey your branding through your hands .

A good user interface can make or break a WordPress site. It is essential for every blog that a visitors can interact with a blog in and allows an efficient way without any distractions even more ads and affiliate links in the blog. Focus equally on blog post and ads to achieve an action goal.

4. Plugins and support:

WordPress is well blessed along with features such as plugin. Plugins are offered for free and paid. We can use it for different functionality.

If any issues or need any suggestions in blogging,
There is a strong and great active community to get support.

5. Money Making with Adsense:

In the Blogging Most of them are planning to get money out of it. Did you plan for that or you blogs are owned purely created content without violating Advertisers policy.

Here is Main Features everyone loves about it .that is money, you can signup with adsense . if your blog get approved for adsense . your income starts even you are in home with Rocking Life style. Your wordpress self hosted blog getting approved is very easy. It is another advantage of a being self-hosted blog in web hosting server.

You are not only need to depend on adsense for making in wordpress . you have huge of opportunities like many montization like Adsense, media.net , Taboola , and affiliate links.

6. Don’t have to worry about software updates :

Trending Features of  WordPress if you wants to make you are a upgraded. it means you can get more features and what trendy design and user experience is people familiar with it .
What options are you using in currently, you going to get more than that only by upgrading.

7. Quicker Loading :

Your website growth matters on its loading of content delivery. You can make it fast than how it loading right for its users. Use W3 Total Cache is one of the best and most widely-used caching plugins and Cloudflare WordPress Plugin accelerates blog load speeds, improves ranks in SEO .

8. Fame :

When you are doing blogging in free blog platform with Full Time . people won’t consider your great work of content creating . The Main Reason why is Money.

When you doing with Free of cost . People would think that you are not ready to be confident about blogging that’s why you have not yet spend a penny . so if you have domain and wordpress selfhosted blog . people will ask with so much of interest about.

how much you generating income from blogging
how much it cost to create a blog in wordpress
how to create a blog in wordpress

Easy to Manage :

In WordPress Dashboard displays more widgets in the account. Where you can get to know the status of page traffics and comments about the details from the plugins.

More than thousands of post and pictures in the media is easily managed. When it became old version , it notifies that new version is available while new version started to roll out in the internet .

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